Silver, especially silver bullion coins, provides a relatively stable market for investors since there are literally millions of buyers and sellers worldwide. 

Silver bullion coins (American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Mexican Silver Libertads, Chinese Silver Pandas, Australian Silver Kookaburras, Australian Silver Kangaroos, British Silver Britannia and Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonics) can be bought and sold almost everywhere in the world. This helps to create a stable market for investors that choose to invest in silver bullion coins.

Other forms of physical silver also provide a relatively stable market, but it’s much easier to buy and sell silver bullion coins than silver bullion bars (silver bars) for example. It’s very easy to order silver bullion coins online and get it delivered anywhere in the world without much fuss. The same cannot be said of silver bullion bars (silver bars). Most sellers of silver bullion bars (silver bars) are not willing to deliver worldwide or to accept credit card payments. In instances where one can get silver bullion bars (silver bars) delivered, the delivery and other fees are astronomical, which makes it a too expensive way to invest in or to own silver. One faces the same problems more or less the day you decide to sell your silver bullion bars (silver bars).

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