The 1967 Gold Krugerrand Re-Issue

A Golden Masterpiece Celebrated 50 Years Later

For over 50 years, the Gold Krugerrand has remained one of the best-selling gold coins ever struck. With their easily-identifiable appearance and a long history within numismatics, South African Gold Krugerrands have created an impressive legacy in the precious metals market.

2017 South Africa 1 oz. Prooflike Gold Re-Issue of 1967 Vintage Krugerrand GEM Prooflike (Original Mint Packaging)

To celebrate the resilient popularity of their flagship coin, the South African Mint has issued an official high-quality re-issue using dies from the tooling for the original 1967 Gold Krugerrand. Each coin bears the 1967 date as issued and includes a small 2017-dated privy mark to authenticate the coin as legal tender. Half-a-century after the first Krugerrand, the 2017 1 oz. Gold 1967 Vintage Krugerrand Re-Issue is now available to customers in the original South African Mint packaging.

Collectors are sure to enjoy the contrast of the Krugerrand’s fine gold Proof finish against the black, felt-like interior of the coin’s lacquered wooden box. As a special touch — the South African Mint has issued a special mintage of only 1,967 coins to reflect the Krugerrand’s original release date. These 1,967 coins quickly sold out at the mint and prices have already risen in the secondary market!

Don’t miss the chance to commemorate the coin that started it all, add this beautiful 2017 re-issue of the 1967 Gold Krugerrand to your collection today.

Secure this special re-issue NOW!

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