Word is out that the Debt & Death SBSS Medallion (round), which is the result of collaboration between Chris Duane and The American Open Currency Standard (AOCS), has made its debut at eBay.

The above is not to say that it is the first time that the Debt & Death SBBS Medallion made its appearance, it is only to say that it is the first time the Debt & Death SBSS Medallion has become available for sale at eBay. It is after all no secret that the Debt & Death SBSS Medallion has sold out at the AOCS Mint and that hundreds of Debt & Death SBSS Medallions have already reached collectors outside eBay. It is however still good to know that the Debt & Death SBSS Medallion has made its debut at eBay, especially considering that the first one has sold for $79.56 at eBay. This might be an anomaly, but it is highly doubtful if one considers the 22 bids received and the fact that similar Debt & Death SBSS Medallions are listed at more or less similar prices. In fact, it won’t surprise us a bit if Debt & Death SBSS Medallions sell for even greater premiums over spot from here onwards. This is despite the fact that many of us got ours at less than $40 apiece. The Debt & Death SBSS Medallion has after all a lot going for it: A limited run, 1 troy ounce of silver with a silver purity of 99.9%(or three nines fine), a great story in terms of the effort it took to bring the final product to market, and last but not least, the great message that each Debt & Death SBSS Medallions comes with: “The heart of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield message is that we should sell our paper assets to collapse their paper Ponzi scheme by taking our capital out of their banking system and buy physical silver to provide real tangible wealth in the face of a mathematical collapse of the world’s debt based currency regime. This single individual conscious solution acts as a Silver Bullet against those that spread debt and death throughout the world and a Silver Shield for everything you value in this world” (The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Website). Chances are great that we haven’t mentioned half of what makes the Debt & Death SBSS Medallion such a noteworthy piece of silver and piece of history to own, but is clear that these medallions are bound to become much sought after collector’s items.

It will surely be interested to see at what prices Debt & Death SBSS Medallions are going to exchange hands, especially at eBay which is hands down the largest online marketplace in the world. Will the Debt & Death SBSS Medallions exceed or reach the same level of popularity as the Liberty Dollars created by Bernard von NotHaus?

GoldUSD 1,328.10   per Ounce
SilverUSD 16.49   per Ounce
PlatinumUSD 993.00   per Ounce

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