Coin eye appeal is one of five main components that are used to determine the condition, state or grade of a coin. When it comes to coin grading, the eye appeal of a coin is based on the first four main components as discussed: Coin strikecoin surfacecoin luster and coin coloration.

Coin eye appeal might seem like a subjective standard when determining the condition, state or grade of a coin, but in reality it is not, since it is determined by the first four components as mentioned above, of which the bulk are objective standards (except for the coin coloration). Thus, if a coin scores high in terms of all the mentioned components, logic dictates that such a coin will score high in terms of eye appeal. However, whether a coin has a bad eye appeal or not can only be accurately determined by someone with specialized knowledge pertaining to the subject.

For example: A coin might have marks on it, but depending on its type and the specific date it was issued, it might still score high in terms of coin eye appeal. In other words, coin eye appeal can for one be type and date specific.

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