Storing silver at home or in your office might have the following disadvantages:

  • Security: The security at most private residences are simply not sufficient to stop someone from breaking in and stealing valuables. In fact, security measures such as alarms, deadlocks and domestic safes provide very limited protection against burglaries. It is however possible to swing the odds of them getting their hands on your silver, or at least a portion of it, by thinking outside the box. E.g. a combination of decoys and hidden storage spaces can make it difficult at best for a burglar to get to your silver. Decoys can be anything of perceived value such as old safes or boxes filled with coins of little or no value and non-redeemable paper notes, especially Zimbabwean Dollar notes.
  • Natural disasters: Natural disasters such as floods and fires can cause extensive damage to one’s home, leaving one’s valuables exposed and damaged.

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