Government confiscation of silver, which is nothing but a legalized form of theft, is a real possibility and it can come in many shapes and forms. You might have read elsewhere that they won’t confiscate your silver for some reason or another, but the reality is that there is at least one example in recorded history where silver was confiscated on a grand scale by government.

In 1720 silver was confiscated in France under the guidance of the legendary John Law, who was not only Minister of Finance in France at the time, but also Founder and President of both the Mississippi Company and the Royal Bank (central bank) in France. Most people are not familiar with the story of John Law, and although an interesting read, it not only reveals how extensively he used the “paper gimmick” to steal and defraud the people of France through a debt-based currency system, but the specific measures he implemented to confiscate their gold and silver. Anyone faintly interested in economic survival must read the story of John Law and actively take steps to protect themselves. Be sure to read more about John Law here.

Nothing has changed…

The “paper gimmick” deployed by John Law in France is pretty much in effect today. Non-redeemable paper notes and other forms of paper-based monetary wealth will become obsolete again, especially considering the history of fiat currency. When this happens the evil bastards will surely try to confiscate that which constitutes real money again, especially gold and silver. Money is power after all and can be used to control the masses.  This is the very reason why they will most definitely do their utmost best to get their hands on as much real money as possible, before the fiat currency ‘card house’ falls down again. For them it’s all about power and maintaining that power.

Silver Bullion is of the opinion that those who choose to ignore the above-stated facts can expect to suffer immensely at some stage or another. By investing in or owning silver, physical silver that is, you will not eliminate any risk in the true sense of the word, but you will definitely help to greatly reduce your exposure to the risks attached to fiat currency failures, a debt-based currency system collapse, etc.

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