Melt value is another factor the investor should consider when investing in or owning silver, physical silver that is. Melt or intrinsic value refers to the value of the metal (copper, silver, etc.) contained in a relevant item (silver coin, silver bar, silver ingot, etc.).

For all practical purposes, we shall only focus on how to determine the melt value of the silver contained in a relevant item(s). It’s after all no secret that an item(s) that contains silver are normally made up of a silver alloy that consists of silver and other metals such as copper. We are however only interested in the value of the silver. This is not to say that a metal such as copper is not valuable, it’s rather to say that the successful silver investor prefers to focus on silver and silver alone. The value of the copper and other metals used in a silver alloy, besides silver, will not be determined here. Those metals or its value will not disappear, but will serve as an added bonus at the end of the day.


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