Els Prats de Rei
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Els Prats de Rei is one of the few towns in Catalonia in which we find traces of different civilizations, of which the historical center is full of witnesses. The historic center of the ancient walled town of Prats de Rei kept passing all these full time. His Vetusta layout, with narrow medieval streets full of notable buildings, shares memories of a place with Roman past. The old town, along with the monumental tower of the castle of Manresana is the most touristic area of town. Mirroring is the glorious medieval arcaded Plaza Mayor. It is the hub of Prats de Rei, is the place where it formerly concentrated markets and public events. Currently there are major festivals and cultural events in the municipality. Presiding over the square is the historic building and an example of civil Gothic Town Hall now occupied. It is the most emblematic buildings of the square and highlighted, along with Cal Jona, far corner of New Street. Built in the late sixteenth century, as the town al’escut read the façade (1591), in the current renaissance can be seen that some authors define as the Catalan Gothic. Access the site is a great adintelado. On the first floor, two windows with molded lintels flank the aforementioned shield supported by two lions rampant, and the attic opening a gallery of arches or arcades supported by six columns. Despite its simplicity, the building remains a majestic nature and noble.L ‘current municipal coat of Prats de Rei, is basically the same as shown on the facade of City Hall. It was approved on 16 June 1983 and is quartered. The first and fourth on silver, three roses Gules (red arms) as a sign referred to the name of Meadows, and the second and third, the four bars, bearing only the distinctive royal villas. The shield current also has to ring a distinctive crown of a villa.
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