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A Coin Collecting Fan Site is about silver, especially physical silver, the only kind of silver that is worth owning. Silver bullion or physical silver, especially in the form of silver coins and silver bars, can ultimately provide protection against fiat money and/or currency debasement, not even to mention the numerous other uses of silver. Did you know that silver is a Superbug killer? Did you know that silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects? Did you know that silver is used as a catalyst in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) driven rocket engines? Did you know that silver is used in the generation of solar energy and the purification of water? Did you know that silver is a good alloy, catalyst and lubricate and is the best option for conducting electricity, transferring heat and reflecting light? This is but to mention a few uses of silver. Thus, we encourage visitors to the Silver Bullion website to go with us on a journey of discovery in order to discover the fascinating world of silver…

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The silver story is a beautiful story, a story of hope and perseverance, a story of true liberty and freedom, a story of ultimate protection against fiat currency and/or money debasement, a story of honest weights and measures… in short: The silver story is a life changing story, probably among the greatest stories ever told. Maybe more importantly, the silver story is a continuing story, but most importantly, the silver story is a story that you can help to write. Yes, you can help to write the silver story, while grabbing the opportunity to make generational wealth in the process by both hands. In order to do this, you will have to push all preconceived ideas and thought about silver aside… you will have to start with a clean slate on a mental level. If you’re willing to do this, chances are great that you will discover the fascinating world of silver and never want to turn back to the old world. The first time you hold a troy ounce of silver in your hand, especially in the form of a silver bullion coin such as the American Silver Eagle, Mexican Silver Libertad, Chinese Silver Panda, Australian Silver Kookaburra or Australian Silver Kangaroo, chances are that a whole new world will open up to you, a world of opportunity and excitement, a world you never thought existed… a world in which you get the chance to preserve you and your family’s wealth effectively on so many levels. A world in which you get a life-time opportunity to immensely increase you and your family’s chances of survival in a cost-effective manner. This is not even mentioning the stunning silver rounds that are doing the rounds so to speak… silver rounds such as the Buffalo Silver Round, the Engelhard Prospector Silver Round, the Great Panther Silver Round and the Sunshine Silver Eagle, to name but a few.

Debt & Death

With the above in mind, you will also discover here at the Silver Bullion website that we have very little love for paper silver and all other paper (and electronic) instruments that are used to further the global fiat currency driven monetary system. The very same system that is at this stage nothing short of a Ponzi scheme, because it has no or little relation to production and labour. In fact, to be frank, you will learn to avoid paper silver like the plague itself and to always take physical delivery of any physical silver that you buy, because “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”. You will learn the valuable lessons that can be learned from the MF Global Scandal, the Ronnie Gene Wilson Silver Ponzi Scheme and similar criminal schemes in a manner that won’t cost you a cent. You will learn about blatant and illegal silver price suppression, how and why they are doing it, but maybe more importantly, how you can use it to your advantage by following a strategy where you apply dollar-cost averaging to physical silver purchases. It refers to the strategy where you accumulate physical silver by buying regularly or at different times and different prices (while almost completely ignoring movements in the silver price). The aim should after all be not to make fiat paper profits, but rather to see how many ounces of physical silver you can buy and accumulate (while avoiding third party silver storage systems like the plague itself). In fact, Chris Duane of Don’t Tread On Me sums it up perfectly in the following interview:

Silver Bullion aims to make people aware of the above-mentioned and more such facts. We want to show them, based on our personal experiences, how to cost-effectively buy or acquire silver bullion (physical silver) that they can see, smell, touch and feel. In fact, we intend to make the Silver Bullion website among the most comprehensive and interesting silver guides available in the world today. Needless to say, we are of the firm opinion that every person should own silver bullion (physical silver), especially in the form of silver coins and silver bars. Silver is after all known as the poor man’s gold, which makes it a great alternative to gold, especially if one cannot afford to own gold. However, if you can afford to do so, it’s probably best to buy or acquire gold and silver. However, we at Silver Bullion won’t be surprised if silver is going to walk away as the new “King of Metals” at the end of the day. It is in our opinion and observation just a matter of time.

Silver Stacker Haven

Why invest in or own silver? This is probably the first question you will ask yourself, especially if you are not familiar with the use of silver for investment purposes.

Investors normally invest in silver or buy silver for two fundamental reasons:

  • Hedge or Safe Haven (Store of Value) – Like gold, silver is known for being an excellent financial hedge or safe haven against adverse economic, political and social changes. Silver is an unbeatable store of value which means that it can help to safeguard your investment portfolio against the devastating effects of inflation, especially hyperinflation. This might not seem possible initially due to blatant silver price suppression via paper, but when the fiat monetary system ultimately collapses as a result of fiat currency and/or money debasement, you will thank your lucky stars that you’ve got physical silver to fall back on (even if it is only to keep water fresh or potable).
  • Wealth Accumulation – An investment in silver has proven to be an excellent means of accumulating wealth. Prudent investors normally buy silver (or invest in silver) during a bull market or market upswing when it is more affordable to do so. The reason for doing so is because the silver price has a tendency to increase substantially during a bear market or downward swing.

There are however many more reasons why you should invest in or own silver. In fact, to be brutally honest, you shouldn’t really invest in silver, but rather own it, especially if you choose not to chase fiat paper profits. It is after all rather silly to chase fiat paper profits when you know the paper manipulators can put the silver price (spot price of silver) wherever they like it. Make no mistake about it; they’re doing it to discourage people to invest in or to buy silver, especially if chasing fiat paper profits form part of your definition of what is deemed an investment. Yes, there are most definitely fiat paper profits to be made, but it should not be one’s primary focus, especially if you don’t have a great deal of fiat currency to exchange for silver. The reason(s) for this will be discussed deeper within the content of the Silver Bullion website.


Investors have the option to invest in or to buy physical silver, paper silver or a combination of both. Silver Bullion however recommends that investors wishing to invest in or own silver stick with silver bullion (physical silver) especially in the form of silver coins and silver bars. All forms of paper silver, including shares in silver mining companies, present unacceptable risks at this stage of history.

 Physical Silver vs. Paper Silver

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