The authors of The Silver Bomb, a book which focuses on silver’s role in the return to sound money, have released a very interesting infographic titled: Is Silver the New Gold?

The above-mentioned infographic sheds light on the fact that silver could surpass gold in value in the near future. It is for one noted in the infographic that for “…the first time in in history, silver mines are coming up empty… even as demand surges. Used in over 10,000 industrial applications — from microchips to microwaves — silver is an indispensable metal that’s exploding in value. However, most silver mined today ends up in landfills… never to be used again”. In addition, how many people know that silver’s value has exploded with a massive 690% since January 2000, despite all the price suppression via paper? In fact, how many people know that gold has only increased with 421% in comparison over the same time period? Furthermore, the infographic indicates that silver prices have doubled since 2007. To place this in perspective: The Dow Jones Industrial Average (the Dow) has only managed to increase with 1% since January 2008, while the silver price has increased with 116% over the same period of time. This is not even to mention the fact that the U.S. Dollar has lost 35% of its value since January 2002, while silver has shot up 660% in dollar terms over the same period of time. So why have silver prices exploded like that and why do experts believe we haven’t seen the end of yet? The infographic also depicts the fact that there were 10 billion ounces of silver in storage in 1950 or enough silver in supply to meet demand for more or less 11 and a half years, a figure that has declined to more or less 1 and a half years. In fact, 95% of the silver ever produced has already been consumed, there is only enough silver on Earth for every person to have one third of an ounce, which is very little silver. Furthermore, the fact that silver is used in 10,000 plus industrial applications has also placed upward pressure on silver prices. Silver is for one the best conductor of electricity. There are a few factual errors in the infographic, but nonetheless it brings the notion that silver is the new gold over quite nicely…


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