Because of silver’s excellent electrical conductivity, it finds many applications in electronics from printed circuit boards to switches and TV screens.

Silver membrane switches, which require only a light touch, are used in buttons on televisions, telephones, microwave ovens, children’s toys and computer keyboards. These switches are highly reliable and last for millions of on/off cycles. Silver is also used in conventional switches likes those used for controlling room lights.

For printed circuit boards, used in consumer items from mobile phones to computers, silver-based inks and films are applied to composite boards to creat electrical pathways. In similar fashion, silver-based inks produce so-called RFID tags (radio frequency identification) antennas used in hundreds of millions of products to prevent theft and allow easy inventory control. They are also used in prepaid toll road passes.

Silver is also used to coat Compact Disks (CDs) and Digital Video Disks (DVDs). In addition, silver is employed in Plasma Display Panels used in television sets and monitors.

Source: The Silver Institute

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