Because silver ions prevent bacteria and algae buildup, silver is fast becoming part of water purification systems in hospitals, small community water systems, pools and spas. The major benefit is that silver replaces traditional germ-killing methods that employ harsh, sometimes dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.

In building water supply systems, silver ions can destroy Legionnaires’ Disease, which is caused by bacteria building up in pipes, connections and water tanks. In pools and spas, silver ions, usually held in canisters within filters, are activated by water to spread a biocide blanket to all components, keeping the water pure and disease free.

Silver is also finding its way to personal water purification devices that are short, easy-to-carry tubes inserted into suspect water. With several different methods of water purification in the tube, often including a charcoal filter, silver’s role is to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that could overwhelm the system and render it useless.

Source: The Silver Institute

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