Silver is an effective portfolio diversifier, or in layman’s terms, silver can be used to manage the risks attached to an investment portfolio. The reason for this is because silver, like gold, is for one negatively correlated with other asset classes. This means that when other asset classes go down in value, silver tends to go up in value. This is not always the case as the markets have proven, but then one shouldn’t forget that the markets are mostly driven by insanity nowadays.

Another good point to remember is that silver is money or meet all the criteria to be used as money. The same cannot be said of other asset classes such as shares or property for example. This makes silver a great portfolio diversifier, especially considering that ALL non-redeemable paper notes will eventually reach its intrinsic value of zero. The same cannot and must not be said of silver. Silver will always have an intrinsic value whether the majority of people accept it or not. In fact, history has proven that the majority of people have only learned about silver’s true value when it was too late. The same can be said of true religion or religion in its purest form. Well, although we know that the majority of people will only notice or listen to our message when it’s too late; we’re hoping to get the message out in time to at least a million people out of billions of people on earth. Even if only a fraction of a million people heed our message and act on it, it will bring joy to our and their hearts when fiat or unbacked currencies crash AGAIN!!!

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