Silver, especially in the form of silver bullion coins (American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Mexican Silver Libertads, Chinese Silver Pandas, Australian Silver Kookaburras, Australian Silver Kangaroos, British Silver Britannia and Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonics), can easily be divided between the beneficiaries of an estate. This is unlike property and other assets which are not easily dividable.

E.g. when you ‘kick the bucket’, assuming that you have children, it will be much easier to divide the wealth contained in silver coins between them than attempting to divide wealth contained in fixed property (without having to sell, which is almost never a good idea). This is not to say that fixed property is not a good investment, but it’s just to say that it’s easier to divide silver coins between the beneficiaries of an estate. Needless to say, if you’re the owner of only one silver coin and have more than one child, then it’s going to messy! It’s best to invest in or to own more than one silver coin.

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