We all have excuses why we are not doing what we’re supposed to do (or not supposed to do!). With that in mind, let’s consider for a moment people’s excuses or reasons for not buying or acquiring silver (and/or gold), physical silver (and/or physical gold), and maybe more importantly, attempt to refute some of their excuses or reasons for hesitating or refusing to do so:

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1. “I cannot afford to buy silver”

Yes, some people can honestly not afford to buy silver (and/or gold), normally not because they’ve failed as people, but because the corrupt debt-based monetary system has largely failed them. There is however many people who outright say that they cannot afford to buy silver (and/or gold), but when one asks them at what price silver (and/or gold) is currently trading, they simply don’t have a clue! This is a tell-tale sign that they’re just giving an excuse for the sake of giving excuses.

2. “Silver is too expensive”

Many give the excuse that silver (and/or gold) is too expensive, while they don’t have a clue pertaining to its real value or can’t even tell you at what price silver (and/or gold) is trading. Common sense after all dictates that something can only be too expensive if it’s selling or trading at a price that’s considerably higher than its true or underlying value. Isn’t it? There is after all a HUGE difference between not able to afford something and able to afford something, but not buying, because it is too expensive to do so. In addition, it is wise to accept that the true worth of silver (and/or gold) will not be reflected in the paper-manipulated silver price (and/or gold price), especially while the global fiat Ponzi scheme (the “paper gimmick”) is still in the order of the day.

3. “Silver is too volatile”

Yes, the silver price (and/or gold price) can be pretty volatile. This is why one should buy silver (and/or gold) for the correct reasons. If you’re chasing paper profits, then you only have yourself to blame if you get burned by silver’s volatility (and/or gold’s volatility), because you have to accept the fact that illegal silver market manipulation (and gold market manipulation) is still pretty much in the order of the day. This is why one should, firstly, avoid paper silver (and/or paper gold) like the plaque itself and only buy or acquire physical silver (and/or physical gold), and secondly, try to apply Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), which means one buys silver (and/or gold) at frequent intervals to get a good average price. Despite all the volatility, those who bought and held physical silver as little as 2 years ago (2010), not even to mention 5, 10 or 20+ years ago, are in the black even in terms of fiat paper profits today (if that is what you’re aiming for).

4. “I don’t know anything about silver or silver investing”

If this is your excuse for not buying silver, then rest assure, you have free access, not only to the Silver Bullion website (and/or the Gold Investment website), but a variety of other silver resources (and/or gold resources) in order to educate yourself.  You can after all lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

5. “Silver is not food. You cannot eat it”

This is probably one of the most ridiculous excuses that we’ve heard, and as ridiculous as it is, more than one person has brought this up as an excuse or reason for not buying or acquiring silver (and/or gold). Yes, silver (and/or gold) can indeed not be eaten, just as it would be unwise to eat fiat currency (or electronic digits for that matter). One must truly be deranged to eat silver (and/or gold) or think it can be eaten or serve as a replacement for food, hell no! The idea is to replace fiat currency (non-redeemable paper notes, electronic money, paper money) with honest money, especially in the form of gold and silver coins, not food. Apples need to be compared to apples and not apples to oranges. Despite this, past fiat currency failures have shown that those holding silver (and/or gold) had the best chance of survival. In most instances where food was available and for sale, those holding silver (and/or gold) enjoyed priority and could afford to buy the most. Now make no mistake about it, if you only stock up on food and no silver (and/or gold) or vice versa, then you’re surely looking for trouble. The secret when approaching silver (and/or gold), food, cash and such things lies in one word: BALANCE.

In addition to the above, don’t forget that silver is money (and gold), especially in the form of silver coins (and gold coins), and is among the best means to protect the purchase value of one’s monetary wealth. Food can after all only last that long, before it needs to be consumed, traded or left to get rotten!

6. “My religion forbids or discourages me from buying or investing in silver”

Some people use religion as an excuse for not buying or acquiring silver (and/or gold). In brutal honesty, many twist the writings they hold sacred to their own damnation. For example: Take many of those who claim to be “Christian” (no offense intended to true Christians). They conveniently forget about the fact that usury for one or debt at interest is strictly forbidden (despite the best of claims to the contrary)! If you’re a Christian and its holding you back from buying silver (and/or gold), or switching to honest money for that matter, while you have the means to do so, then we urge you to read here for the sake of you and your family. Yes, silver (and/or gold) can never take the place of God or our loved ones, apples should be compared to apples!

Now we can go on and mention and refute even more excuses or reasons given by people for not buying or acquiring silver (and/or gold), or not switching to honest money, but we feel we have covered the most common ones here and the bulk of these excuses can be refuted through sheer common sense (a valuable asset that so many people neglect nowadays, because of religious and political correctness/madness!). If you had a change of mind after reading this, and looking for reasons to buy or acquire silver (and/or gold), then look no further than the Silver Bullion website (and/or the Gold Investment website). 

Is there enough gold and/or silver in the world to switch to a non-debt based, honest monetary system or standard?

“I actually work for the morgue (in reference to JP Morgan). Believe me, they are on a mission to keep silver and au down…. if they do not, the bank will fail. Why you ask? B/c the US currency will fail and along with it all equities. JPM holds way more value in equities than the non-equities metals space. They are deviously in the game of keeping fiat money as King. The whole banking system is built under the assumption of fiat money not a hard currency or bi-metallic backing. They particularly want to keep silver away from the retail investor b/c it is the 1 metal that every Joe and Jill can go out and buy without breaking the piggy bank. If the broader public is kept away by the morgue intervening with violent swings and volatility that scare Joe and Jill, then their plan has worked and will only continue to work until the Fed continues on with QE Shift+ALT-Backspace. Only then will gold and silver take their practical and natural role as money. It is still too early in the QE season to have Joe and Jill thinking about what money actually is…. We are a year to a few years away from that point. Until then, JP will keep au and ag low until they devise a plan to get out of equities, otherwise the entire banking system will go to waste. Do not ever think that greedy bastards (excuse me, bankers) will side with spontaneous order. They are in it for themselves, not for Joe and Jill” (JP Morgan Adjusts Another 1/2 Million Ounces of Silver into Registered Vaults, SilverDoctors Website, The Doc, 3 May 2012, Comment left by ich1baN).

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