‘Peak silver’ refers to the instance or situation where silver miners are struggling at best to maintain or reach previous levels of silver production. Why is this of importance you might ask yourself?

In addition to the above, ‘peak silver’ is when silver production (silver extracted through mining) is on the decline due to one or several factors (a decline in underground ore reserves containing silver, an increase in mining production costs, et cetera). However, it is probably more important to know why ‘peak silver’ is currently offering the investment opportunity of a lifetime in terms of physical silver ownership. It is after all no secret that in the U.S. for one “…the top 8 silver producing states… all have peaked in production” and this “…could leave a physical silver shortage as soon as 2015” (What ‘Peak Silver’ Means for Your Investments, Wealth Wire, 12 December 2011). This is where the investment opportunity of a lifetime comes in, especially considering the current paper manipulated silver price of more or less $30 an ounce (troy ounce), which means physical silver can still be bought or acquired for almost next to nothing (considering its true worth). In other words, those who buy or acquire physical at current price levels can expect to be richly rewarded at some point down the road. In fact, be sure to watch the video below and ask yourself if you can afford to miss out on the investment opportunity of a lifetime (in the true sense of the phrase).


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