Although not evident in the paper manipulated silver price, the demand for physical silver is surging, driven especially by industrial and investment demand (due to silver’s safe haven status). It is predicted that the world is going to run out of physical silver in more or less 9 years.

A shortage of physical silver is already upon us as many “…financial analysts, investing experts, and even geologists” will confirm (The World Will Run Out of Silver in Nine Years, Wealth Wire, Brittany Stepniak, 30 November 2011). Silver Bullion is of the opinion that we’re at least at stage one of three stages of a silver shortage. Silver mines for one are struggling at best to keep up with the demand for silver (as can be seen in the graph below). The fact that more and more industrial uses/applications are discovered for silver, not even to mention the current industrial uses of silver and the demand for silver it generates, are only going to place more pressure on silver mines. The Silver Institute for one is of the opinion that the industrial demand for silver will increase with 36% by 2015 alone.

In fact, industrial demand for silver has surpassed 300 million troy ounces so far this year (2011), already outstripping last year’s (2010) industrial demand of less than 300 million troy ounces. This while it is no secret that “…many silver mining projects never really pan out successfully. More times than not, there’s simply not enough silver in any given ore” (The World Will Run Out of Silver in Nine Years, Wealth Wire, Brittany Stepniak, 30 November 2011).

Now if we bring the investment demand for silver into the equation, it becomes even clearer why many analysts, experts and geologists are of the opinion that there is a silver shortage.

Investment demand for silver has exploded with a 184% in 2009 alone. “By 2010, the U.S. Mint announced that they had run out of silver bullion blanks. At the time, they also suspended production of American Eagle Silver Proof coins” (The World Will Run Out of Silver in Nine Years, Wealth Wire, Brittany Stepniak, 30 November 2011). In fact, it was reported in June this year that so “…far this year, 18.9 million ounces of American Silver Eagle coins have been sold, while over the same period last year, only 15.2 million ounces had been sold” (Silver Bullion – Huge increase in American Silver Eagle sales, Silver Bullion Website, 19 June 2011). This is most definitely a telltale sign of the strong investment demand for silver, despite the fact that it’s not reflected in the paper manipulated silver price. It is after all no secret that they are creating almost endless mountains of paper silver (electronic silver, toilet paper saver, the Devil’s silver), not only in order to blatantly steal from those who are still stupid enough to trade paper silver, but to suppress the silver price in an order to give the public at large the idea that silver is a lot less valuable than it really is.

Most silver bugs, true silver investors, are aware of the fact that a silver shortage exists and expect a severe silver shortage to develop some time down the road as shown by the fundamentals that drive silver supply and demand.

A suppressed paper-manipulated silver price (currently around $32 an ounce) provides a highly cost-effective opportunity to buy or acquire even more physical silver, not with the idea to sell the silver for paper profits at a later stage, as the weak hands do, but to use the silver as money and to barter when the fiat Ponzi scheme (the “paper gimmick”) collapses.

All schemes and scams have to come to an end at some stage or another; it is a historic fact and mathematical certainty. Furthermore, commonsense tells us that paper silver cannot be used in industrial applications, and that some stage or another, they won’t succeed in using paper silver to suppress the silver price, especially when severe physical silver shortages become a reality. It is also no secret that an increasing number of investors are refusing to trade paper silver and are only interested in buying or acquiring physical silver.

Thus, given the strong industrial and investment demand for silver and the fact that silver mines are struggling at best to keep up with the current demand for silver, it should be safe to say that it is not unrealistic to expect physical silver to run out in more or less 9 years from now. This is not to say that there will be no physical silver available 9 years from now, but rather to firstly, say that a lot less physical silver will be available than now, secondly, that silver will only be available for certain uses, and thirdly, silver will only be available at a much-much higher silver price (manipulated or not).

In fact, Silver Bullion is of the opinion that much sooner than 9 years, depending on the size of the stock piles (if any exist at this stage) maintained by industrial users, no physical silver will be available for use/consumption in the bulk of industrial applications, because silver will once more take its rightful place in the world as honest/real money.

Silver will take its rightful place in the world again, because chances are great that the holders or owners of physical silver will at some stage or another almost completely cut off the supply of silver to industry, refusing to make silver available to be used/consumed in industrial applications. In fact, at that stage most silver bugs will have the bulk of their silver stashed away where they deem it to be relatively safe from silver confiscation and other forms of theft. It will be treated as a precious metal and as real/honest money once again, something that you don’t squander away, but something that you treasure and trade in small quantities to obtain basic and other necessities of life. In fact, when the current global fiat Ponzi scheme (this round of the “paper gimmick”) collapses or come to an end, the demand for non-vital products (and services) are expected to take a huge knock, which will most definitely negatively impact on the industrial demand for silver. This will force physical silver once again into its traditional role as real/honest money, despite the fact that they will try to forcefully, through the use of political and military power, establish a new fiat currency as a world reserve currency. They might even use false religion to help establish the new fiat currency they’re planning to introduce when the existing fiat currencies (USD, EURO, GBP, ZAR, etc.) completely collapse. Yes, initially it might consist of paper notes (and coins consisting of non-precious metals) backed by precious metals such as gold and silver, but eventually like always, they will print/create too many paper notes, turning the relevant currency into a full-blown fiat currency not backed by anything of lasting value.

The above view might seem like part of a “conspiracy theory” not based in reality or fact, but we can assure you it is based in reality/fact, historically and otherwise. Nothing is new; they are still using the same dirty old tricks. It is the very same evil that has plagued the world from the very beginning. The descendants of the ones that have started this global fiat Ponzi scheme (the “paper gimmick”) are the very same ones that are now, not only pretending to be our saviours, but who are suppressing the prices of precious metals, especially the prices of gold and silver. Make no mistake about it, they are not going to give up or change their ways without one hell of a fight. You are either with them or against them. In reality there is no middle ground as many will have you believe. You either support fiat money and the evil it brings or you support real/honest money such as gold and silver, especially in the form of gold and silver coins. Needless to say, if you are offended by this, you will be more offended when the fiat money you hold becomes utterly worthless and you realise that you’ve actively helped to enslave the bulk of humanity (including yourself) despite the best of warnings.

Now that you know that a shortage of physical silver exists and that it is expected to go from bad to worse, are you going to buy physical silver at current suppressed silver price levels or are you going to trade paper silver with the hope to make fiat-based paper profits?

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