The New York Police Department (NYPD) has had its hands full over the last number of weeks thanks to the Occupy Wall Street protest group. This group has been camping out at the Manhattan Financial District for the last few weeks. The group has for one been marching and protesting up and down the bridge that connects the East River to Brooklyn. Traffic came to an abrupt halt because of the march, and this led to a number of people being arrested and being issued with citations. The arrested protesters were later released. Marchers had to be told to remain on the pedestrian pathway and refrain from marching on the road.

Occupy Wall Street is the brain child of an activist group from Canada, known as Adbusters. Adbusters got their inspiration from the Tahrir Square Busters that eventually started the revolution in Egypt. Occupy Wall Street was created so that there would be a voice against economic greed and other matters that affect the world. The group is fighting hard to ensure that corporate greed and manipulation does not lead to a full-blown economic meltdown.

Adbusters came up with the idea of peaceful protestation after the recession in 2008. Many people were left without jobs, and it was decided to help the American government realize that it is failing in its job with regards to the nation’s finances. What began as a simple email has now grabbed the attention of people globally and today the organization, Occupy Wall Street exists. Since then, other groups have been formed and people from all political persuasions are joining hands in the fight against corruption and greed. The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, respects the rights of people to protest, and he ensures members of the public that this right will be protected, and that people will have the forum to protest.

It might come as a surprise and shock to many, but financial services firm, J.P. Morgan, has behaved in a gangster fashion to see that the New York Police Department (NYPAD) will dance to its tune, especially considering the protests by Occupy Wall Street as mentioned.

J.P. Morgan has donated a whopping $4.6 million dollars to the police department. It does not take a degree in rocket science to figure out why the firm has done this. There is nothing for nothing in life; J.P. Morgan will now believe that the NYPD is forever indebted to them. Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner of the NYPD, was profoundly grateful as this money will pay for 1000 patrol vehicle laptops and security monitoring software.

Reaction to this donation was unanimous in that everyone was outraged about this move by J.P. Morgan. People feel that the bank is home to a group of criminals and therefore managers in the bank are more suited to being called gangsters (or banksters) than bankers. It is strange that the Commissioner sees fit to spend money on security and laptops when cops are being laid off every week.

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