Recent surveys show that the popularity of silver as an investment is now on par with the popularity of gold as an investment. This is a sure sign that a growing number of investors get or understand silver. 

One such survey, the 2011 Resource Investing News Network Audience Survey of Dig Media, has revealed that the readers of Resource Investing News “…are as passionate as the rest of the world when it comes to silver as a safe haven investment” (Silver Investment On Par With Gold, Silver Investing News, Melissa Pistilli, 17 October 2011). Furthermore: “In December of 2009, a year following the 2008 Crash, our investor survey revealed that 30.8 percent and 21.5 percent of respondents were invested in gold and silver stocks, respectively. By November of 2010, those numbers had exploded to 67.6 percent for gold stocks and 55.5 percent for silver stocks. In our latest survey for 2011, when asked what resource stocks they had invested in over the past year 74 percent responded, “Silver Stocks.” When we compared this figure to the results of our previous surveys, we found that not only is silver investing up considerably since our November 2010 survey, but silver investment is now on par with gold” (Silver Investment On Par With Gold, Silver Investing News, Melissa Pistilli, 17 October 2011).

Now given the above and the fact that less than an estimated 1% of the world population gets or understand silver, it must serve as an encouragement to buy physical silver sooner rather than later, because clearly an increasing number of people are grasping the utmost importance of owning physical silver. It is thus best to buy or acquire physical silver while it can be done at silver price levels that simply don’t reflect silver’s true worth.

It will serve investors well to consider for one the comparison Silver Bullion has made between gold and silver. We have discovered that silver has a lot more to offer than gold, especially considering that we’re currently sitting with a Gold/Silver Ratio (GSR) of more or less 1:52, while the historic average is closer to 1:15. Silver has more uses than gold, silver is better for average purchases during times of crisis, silver has been in a bear market for much longer than gold, etc. In fact, we’re of the opinion that silver offers one of the best investment opportunities of this century.

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