Kerry Lutz, Founder of the Financial Survival Network, has recently interviewed Chris Duane, Founder of the Sons of Liberty Academy, and they spoke at length about the ongoing silver market manipulation. What will follow are some of the conclusions taken from the interview.

Silver investors should rush to buy silver (physical silver) as fast as possible as it is once again trading at around $30 per troy ounce. However, the silver price could drop further as silver market manipulation once again rears its ugly head. It is after all not only paper money (fiat money, electronic money, non-redeemable paper notes) that can be used to commit fraud. The creation of paper silver out of thin air is a growing trend which causes more harm than good, since the bulk of the paper silver is simply not backed by physical silver. Silver manipulators are experts at silver market manipulation as they go short or naked, selling silver that they don’t have in their possession.

Manipulation of silver prices is nothing short of being a casino operator. COMEX (otherwise referred to as CRIMEX) has increased the margins on the silver price by about 16%. While the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) is empowered to regulate such markets in America, they are still enabling paper manipulation of silver. Although they have the mandate to regulate commodity futures and option markets in the United States, they are aiding and abetting the criminal paper manipulators instead of protecting the public at large and the smaller players.

Small time investors and the general public are left unprotected. The real silver investors are however unconcerned, as they invest in and hold physical silver, which is too a large extent not really affected by silver market manipulation, at least not beyond the silver price quoted in fiat terms.

Criminal paper silver manipulators are in fact motivating investors to get rid of paper silver and purchase physical silver (although this is the last thing the manipulators want since then they have little if any control over physical silver!). Investors who buy and hold physical silver have nothing to fear from silver market manipulation, because once the physical silver is in your hands, there is very little if anything the manipulators can do to diminish the true or intrinsic value of your silver holdings. It is at the end of the day about who exercises control over your silver; if it’s not you, then it is something you should address in a timely manner (or risk burning your hands further down the road!).

If you’re sitting with paper silver, it is best to get out of it and into physical silver as soon as possible, especially while this silver sale lasts. It is after all patently clear that blatant manipulation of the silver price is happening via the paper silver market. Companies such as J.P. Morgan cause the silver price to go lower because they sell what they do not have. Paper silver is sold to anyone and everyone and there is no or little physical silver to back up these transactions. It is no secret after all that silver has the longest record of short position ever, simply because the authorities turn their backs on the public at large. Even so, silver remains an excellent investment when compared to paper or debt-based assets.

The stock market is extremely volatile at present, this indicates that the QE3 is going to happen or has happened (announced or unannounced!). While the silver price is currently hovering around the $30 per troy ounce mark, it is likely to burst upwards before most people realize it, especially considering that only a tiny minority track and observe the silver price.

At the end of the day, people must stick to investing in and holding physical silver. In that way they will not fall prey to silver market manipulation and weak fiat or debt-based currency systems. None of this should worry true silver investors, those who buy and hold physical silver, because as Chris states it elsewhere: “…the criminal paper manipulators gave us another chance to sell every paper asset and useless consumer product we have to buy silver.”

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