A while ago Dan Mangru of Newsmax TV had an interesting interview with Robert Kiyosaki, author of the international best-seller: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Kiyosaki made it clear in the exclusive interview that he is of the opinion that “ silver is the no.1 investment today” and gave reasons to back his opinion.

At the time of the interview silver was trading at more or less $15 an ounce, and an ounce of gold could buy about 70 ounces of silver, but not much has changed in terms of the fundamentals mentioned by Kiyosaki in support of silver. This is despite the fact that silver is currently trading at a paper-manipulated price of more or less $32 an ounce, which is a 100% up since Kiyosaki’s recommendation to buy silver. Let’s explain: Kiyosaki mentioned in the interview that “…gold is hoarded, it is just stuffed away, there is no value to it.” On the other hand, “…silver is an industrial commodity…” and that there is “…more gold on planet earth than silver.” This is still true today. Now one must not erroneously assume that Kiyosaki is of the opinion that gold has no value, especially considering that he owns both a gold and silver mine. No, what he was trying to convey, is the fact that gold is of no value compared to silver, stressing the fact that silver is really useful, while gold just sits there so to speak. Both gold and silver are however supreme when compared to fiat money (non-redeemable paper notes, fiat paper money, electronic money, the Devil’s money, fiat currencies, toilet paper money, trash) such as the U.S. Dollar (or Federal Reserve Note). Furthermore, today one can buy more or less 53 ounces of silver with an ounce of gold, which still makes silver dirt cheap compared to gold and affordable to most Average Joes. When asked by Mangru what investors can do to protect themselves from inflation, Kiyosaki recommended that investors “…should do what the Chinese are doing, the Chinese are buying commodities, they are buying copper, oil, gold, silver, land…”. When asked specifically about silver, Kiyosaki mentioned for one that he “…started to buy at $3 an ounce…” and that “…silver is one of the biggest things against inflation you will ever see.” He took it one step further and said that “…the smart money knows this; the U.S. Dollar is trash…” Yes, Kiyosaki had/has no illusion to where the U.S. Dollar (or fiat currency for that matter) is heading and about the best way to protect oneself against the inflation (hyperinflation) it is going to unleash.

Now given the above and the fact that Robert Kiyosaki clearly supports silver, are you going to delay buying silver or are you going to take charge of your future by stepping up to the plate and buy silver? Are you going to be a Rich Dad or a Poor Dad?

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