What is the best way to invest in silverware (tableware)? This is probably the first question the potential silver investor will ask, after exploring the benefits of investing in or owning silverware (tableware), and taking the decision to invest in or own silverware (tableware). This question in essence goes hand-in-hand with the following question answered in another section of the Silver Bullion website: How to best approach the silver market?

Common sense tells us that the following must be of importance when establishing what constitutes the best way to invest in or own silverware (tableware):

Find a reliable silverware dealer: It’s important to buy from a silverware dealer who can be trusted and who is knowledgeable, not only in terms of knowing the silverware (tableware) that is for sale, but also in terms of knowing the best ways to get the relevant silverware (tableware) to you the buyer once purchased.

Buy cash: It’s not always possible or easy, but if you can, try to buy silverware (tableware) cash. We do not want to spell it out here, but if you’re smart enough you should know what we’re trying to convey. Cash is king after all, especially if anonymous silver purchases are important to you and your financial health. Even in instances where it’s impossible to buy cash, because you’re for example buying or ordering silverware (tableware) from a silverware dealer overseas, you want to make sure it gets recorded as “kitchen accessories” or anything down those lines instead of “silverware” where and when it matters.

Avoid external silver storage: Silver Bullion recommends that the silver investor avoids external storage of his/her silverware (tableware) as far as possible. This is not only to avoid storage and similar fees, but to retain full control over his/her silver investment or investment in silver. The last thing you want to do when hyperinflation is at the order of the day, when the store shelves are running empty, when large scale riots and civil disorder break out, is to queue at the bank (or elsewhere!) in the hope of gaining control over your silver! You will not only be fully exposed to possible silver confiscation and outright thievery, but you can bet you will be exposed to extreme physical danger as well.

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