What is silver jewelry? Now chances are good that it might at first seem like a pretty silly question with a straightforward answer, but it’s actually not that simple as we shall explain…

Whenever we write in reference to “silver jewelry” on the Silver Bullion website, except where we explicitly state otherwise, it’s always in reference to silver jewelry which is: 

  • Non-plated: Non-plated here refers to silver jewelry that doesn’t consist of a base metal such as copper, nickel or zinc that is plated or coated with silver. Yes, unlike silver coinssilver ingots and silver bullion bars (silver bars), most if not all silver jewelry and jewelry in general are plated or coated. However, needless to say, it’s much better to buy or acquire silver jewelry that consists of a silver alloy that contains a high percentage of silver, which is plated or coated, than silver jewelry which contains none or very little silver except for the silver plate or coat mentioned. 
  • Collector’s value: Silver jewelry that might or might not have collector’s value attached to it such as limited edition silver jewelry, designer silver jewelry and more.

Sterling silver, also known as standard silver, is a silver alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It is traditionally used in the manufacturing of silver jewelry and silverware

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