Why invest in or own silver ingots (silver bars)? This is probably the first question the potential silver investor will ask after reading or hearing that silver ingots are among the most popular forms of physical silver to invest in or to own, especially among silver investors who have an appetite for silver bullion bars (silver bars), but who simply do not have enough money to acquire or buy silver bullion bars (silver bars) in sizes bigger than 10 troy ounces at a time.

In all honesty, Silver Bullion’s first love in terms of physical silver will always be silver coins, especially in the form of traditional or conventional 1 oz silver bullion coins (American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Mexican Silver Libertads, Chinese Silver Pandas, Australian Silver Kookaburras, Australian Silver Kangaroos, British Silver Britannia and Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonics). However, we at Silver Bullion understand the need of silver investors to diversify their silver portfolios through the acquisition of silver ingots and other forms of physical silver such as silver bullion coins, silver bullion bars (silver bars) and silver jewelry.

Advantages of investing in or owning silver ingots…

Silver investors normally invest in or own silver for one of three purposes, despite the main reasons for investing in silver, but here are some of the more specific reasons why we believe some silver investors choose to invest in or own silver ingots:

Compact form of silver: Silver ingots offer a relative compact form of silver, not as compact as silver bullion bars (silver bars) exceeding 10 troy ounces in size for example, but definitely more compact that silver coins, especially when the silver ingots are bigger than 1 oz in size.

Full control: Would you like to exercise full control over at least a portion of your investment portfolio? Are you sick and tired of having to pay exorbitant portfolio management fees or any portfolio management fees at all? Well, then you should, firstly, seriously consider to buy or acquire silver ingots, in addition to other forms of physical silver such as silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars (silver bars) you might already own, and secondly, store it in a safe place at home or elsewhere. It will afford you with the opportunity to exercise full control over at least a portion of your investment portfolio. In all honesty, you have the option to go for full control over your entire investment portfolio, but needless to say, that’s entirely up to you!!!

It’s no secret that the current establishment, which is an establishment of evil (whether you like to admit it or not or don’t have the eyes to see it!), has gone and is going to great lengths to steal away our God given freedom day-by-day and bit-by-bit (or rather chunk-by-chunk!). Make no mistake, this process has accelerated; they are now pushing for FULL CONTROL over EVERY aspect of our lives!!! Now you can swear at them, write to your local political representative, climb up a wall, join a boxing club, kick a homeless person in the groin or do anything along those lines, but it’s not really going to help you in the least bit to get any of your freedom back (except of course helping you to vent some of your anger and frustration!). A much better way of getting back at them and getting some of your freedom back, without getting a heart attack or breaking any laws in the process, is to buy silver, especially physical silver in the form of silver bullion coins, silver bullion bars (silver bars) and silver ingots. By doing this, you will not only be increasing the chances that you and your family will survive current and future political and economic turmoil, but you will in fact help to make it more difficult for them to gain full control!!! In all honesty, buying silver is the second best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family and to help make the world a better place. The best thing you can do is to get your hands on a truthful translation of God’s Word and to study unto His approval!!!

Buy anonymously: Like with silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars (silver bars), silver ingots can be bought anonymously, especially from private silver dealers/sellers.

It’s after all no secret that in all instances where you buy paper silver they do not only request your contact details, but enough personal details to enable authorities to track your investment in paper silver. It makes it easy as pie for them to apply capital gains taxes or any new tax they might find suitable to confiscate or destroy your wealth.

Divisible: Silver ingots can relatively easily be divided between the beneficiaries of an estate, especially when bought in equal sizes. Property and other assets on the other hand are not that easily divisible (if not impossible in many intances).

Liquidity and portability: The silver market, although not as liquid and deep as the gold market (at the time this was written), also offers liquidity and portability. There are several buyers and sellers in the market for most forms of physical silver, including silver ingots.

In layman’s terms, liquidity in this instance refers to how easy it is to convert silver ingots into cash. Portability on the other hand refers to “the quality of being light enough to be carried” (WordWeb) or to be transported from one place to another. Silver ingots are light enough to be easily carried or transported from one place to another. In fact, it can be taken anywhere in the world. The same can however not be said of property and some other assets.

Stable market: Silver, especially silver bullion coins and silver ingots, provide a relatively stable market for silver investors since there are literally millions of buyers and sellers worldwide.

Other forms of physical silver also provide a relatively stable market, but it’s much easier to buy and sell silver ingots than silver bullion bars (silver bars) exceeding 10 troy ounces for example. It’s very easy to order silver ingots online and get it delivered anywhere in the world without much fuss. The same cannot be said of silver bullion bars (silver bars) of the mentioned size. Most silver dealers/sellers are not willing to deliver silver bullion bars (silver bars) worldwide or to accept credit card payments.

Collector’s value: Silver ingots, especially those featuring designs such as the German Iron Cross and other interesting designs, afford the silver investor with a “double play” in terms of investment potential. In addition to design, limited editions can also help to create some form of collector’s value.

Low budget silver investing: Silver ingots make it possible for silver investors with low budgets to accumulate quality physical silver, especially when compared to the cost of acquiring or buying silver bullion bars (silver bars) exceeding 10 troy ounces in size.

However, given the above, we’ve learned from experience thasilver ingots tend to sell at substantial premiums to the melt value of the silver, which surely do not make it the most cost-effective means of acquiring or buying physical silver (at the time this was written).

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