Description: The Mexican Silver Libertad, a 1 oz silver bullion coin consisting of 1 troy ounce of silver with a silver purity of 99.9% and a face value of 1 Onza, features the “Independence Angel” against a backdrop of the “Lovers’ Peaks” twin volcanoes on the obverse and an image of the national seal of Mexico surrounded by previous seals used during Mexico’s history on the reverse (appears on modern issues of the coin). It is the official silver bullion coin of Mexico and was first issued in 1949 by the Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in North America, which was established in 1536.

Face Value: 1 Onza

Diameter: 40.60 mm

Thickness: 4.00 mm

Total Weight (grams): 31.1034768 grams (1 troy ounce)

Silver Percentage (%): 99.9%

Years of Minting: 1949; 1978 to present.






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