Description: The American Silver Eagle, a 1 oz silver bullion coin consisting of 1 troy ounce of silver with a silver purity of 99.9% and a face value of 1 U.S. Dollar, features a “Walking Liberty” on the obverse and a Heraldic eagle with shield and thirteen five-pointed stars on the reverse. It is the official silver bullion coin of the U.S.A. and was first issued on the 24th of November 1986 by the U.S. Mint. Since then, it has been minted or produced at the following mints as well, which are all government controlled mints: The Philadelphia Mint, the San Francisco Mint and the West Point Mint. The content, weight and purity of the American Silver Eagle are certified by the U.S. Mint and “it is authorized by Title II of Public Law 99-61 (Liberty Coin Act, approved July 9, 1985) and codified as 31 U.S.C. § 5112” (Wikipedia).

Face Value: 1 U.S. Dollar

Diameter: 40.6 mm (1.598 in)

Thickness: 2.98 mm (0.1193 in)

Total Weight (grams): 31.1034768 grams (1 troy ounce)

Silver Percentage (%): 99.9%

Years of Minting: 1986 to present.






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