Description: The silver Kruger shilling (1/- or sjielling), a silver coin consisting of approximately 0.17 troy ounces of silver with a silver purity of 92.5% (sterling silver), features President Paul Kruger on the obverse and the crowned value within an oak wreath on the reverse.

Face Value: 1 Shilling

Obverse Image: President Paul Kruger

Reverse Image: Crowned value within oak wreath.

Diameter: 23.7 mm

Thickness:  N.A.

Total Weight (grams): 5.65 grams

Silver Percentage (%): 92.5%

Silver Content (troy ounces): 0.17 troy ounces of silver.

Year(s) of Minting: 1892-1897

1892-1897 Silver Shillings Obverse


1892-1897 Silver Shillings Reverse


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