What are silver bullion bars (silver bars)? Silver bullion bars, more commonly known as silver bars, are in essence bars of pure silver that usually have a millesimal fineness of 999 (fine silver or three nines fine) or a silver purity of 99.9% silver.

Silver bullion…

The term “silver bullion” had traditionally being used to almost exclusively refer to silver bullion bars (silver bars) or silver in a bulk format. However, in a modern sense, the term may also be used to refer to silver coins of which the melt value of the silver is more than the face value of the relevant coins (despite any collector’s value), etc. Hence, the silver investor should not be surprised to see the term “silver bullion” used to refer to more than one form of physical silver.

Different sizes…

Silver bullion bars (silver bars) come in different sizes ranging from as small as less than 1 oz to as large as a 1000 oz, although the standard sizes are:1 oz5 oz10 oz100 oz and a 1000 oz. We prefer to refer to silver bullion bars (silver bars) of 10 oz or less as silver ingots and have created a separate section focusing specifically on silver ingots. The reason for this is simply because we are of the opinion that size matters greatly when it comes to investing in or owning silver bullion bars (silver bars), especially if one considers factors such as affordability, ease of storage, ease of handling, etc. 

E.g. silver bullion bars (silver bars) bigger than 10 oz not only provide the silver investor who has substantial amounts available to buy/acquire/invest in silver with the opportunity to do so economically, but also to do so in a compact form despite the bulkiness of the mentioned silver bullion bars (silver bars). However, although it might be more economically to buy or acquire silver bullion bars (silver bars) bigger than 10 oz, especially 100 oz and bigger bars, it is out of reach for most silver investors in terms of affordability. Here in South Afirica ridiculous high premiums are usually charged on silver bullion bars (silver bars).

On the other hand, 10 oz or smaller silver bullion bars (silver bars), referred to on this website as silver ingots, are within the reach of most silver investors in terms of affordability, especially in the form of 1 oz silver ingots or smaller. Silver ingots, due to its size, are also much easier to store and handle than silver bullion bars (silver bars) of 100 ounces or more. However, it is usually less economical to buy silver ingots or smaller silver bullion bars (silver bars) than larger ones. The smaller a silver bullion bar (silver bar) the higher the premium the silver investor can expect to pay. It must also be noted that non-standard sizes also tend to attract higher premiums.

Government and privately issued…

Silver bullion bars (silver bars) are usually issued by a government or private concern such as a private mint or refinery. When issued by government it is referred to as government bars or government assay bars. On the other hand, when issued by a private concern, silver bullion bars (silver bars) are referred to as commercial bars.

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