The focus in this section of the Silver Bullion website will be on 100 oz silver bullion bars (silver bars). These silver bullion bars (silver bars) are at the higher end of more serious levels of physical silver ownership. It is no secret after all that silver bullion bars (silver bars) come in different sizes ranging from as small as less than 1 oz to as large as a 1000 oz, although the standard sizes are: 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz and a 1000 oz. In addition, we prefer to refer to silver bullion bars (silver bars) of 10 oz or less as silver ingots and have created a separate section focusing specifically on silver ingots.

Furthermore, it is no secret that when it comes to silver bullion bars (silver bars)collector’s value is taking a clear backseat (assuming that there is room for it in the first place!). Yes, there are different manufacturers of silver bullion bars (silver bars), but in the final equation they all produce more or less the same end product with no or very little collector’s value attached to it. In other words, it should be safe to assume that size and silver purity are the primary two factors that must be considered to differentiate between various silver bullion bars (silver bars).

Needless to say, 100 oz silver bullion bars (silver bars) are difficult to find. This is primarily due to the fact that silver bullion bars (silver bars) of this size and higher can cost a great deal of money. This presents risks to both the silver investor and the silver dealer/seller, thus it is hard to find silver bullion bars (silver bars) of 100 oz and higher, especially if you’re not prepared to shop around.

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