What is paper silver? Paper silver is not really silver; at least not fundamentally. It is at best a promise of silver and not a good promise we should add, especially considering that a conservative estimate indicates that for every 100 ounces of paper silver held there is only 1 ounce of actual or physical silver available (at the time this was written). In many cases where they provide a guarantee that the paper silver they are selling are backed by physical silver, the guarantee is up to scratch if you dig a little bit deeper. This is especially true during times of crisis, economically and otherwise. A guarantee is after all only as strong as the guarantor or entity that provides the guarantee. Paper silver doesn’t have intrinsic value and will ultimately collapse like all fiat currencies. Paper silver is the exact opposite of physical silver. Paper silver is not limited and doesn’t need to be mined. Now we can go on and on, but we are sure you get the idea: Paper silver is bad news. In fact, the bulk of paper silver is only for those who want to chase paper profits! It is frown upon by the true silver investor and will for that reason not be extensively entertained here on the Silver Bullion website.

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