Do you have access to sufficient funds and capital to start your own silver mining company? If not, then it’s best to invest in silver mining companies that are listed on major stock exchanges. It is the safest route the average silver investor who wishes to invest in silver shares can take. If not possible, then secondary or less known stock exchanges can be considered, but needless to say, unlisted silver shares must be avoided like the plague itself. Unlisted silver shares refer to the shares of silver mining companies that are not approved by a formal stock exchange; such silver mining companies are not listed or unlisted.

Unlisted silver shares…

Yes, returns on unlistesilver shares can some times be high, but it is not worth the risk when the silver investor considers that the risks are simply too high, especially to the average silver investor who cannot afford to lose money. This is the very reason why we are not even going to suggest that the average silver investor invest in or own unlisted silver shares, nor will we make such a recommendation and attach a warning of extreme caution to it. No, we will once again and outright recommend that silver investors avoid unlisted silver shares altogether and try to stick to major stock exchanges as far as possible. Here are the reasons why we are of the opinion that the risks attached to unlisted silver shares are simply unacceptable:

Liquidity: Unlisted silver shares do not offer liquidity, in the sense that there is not enough share trading activity like at the major stock exchanges, which means that the silver investor must never expect to get the best price, whether he/she is buying or selling unlisted silver shares.

Little or no protection: Unlisted silver shares offer the silver investor little if any protection when an unlisted silver mining company is black listed or goes bankrupt. The silver investor enjoys much more protection when a silver mining company is listed and backed by stock exchange authority.

Assessment of unlisted silver shares: The assessment of unlisted silver shares are difficult at best, because access to extensive information pertaining to silver share prices and its volatility are not possible like the case is with stock exchanges, especially major stock exchanges.

No stock brokers: Stock exchanges do not allow their members to deal or trade with unlisted shareholders. This makes it impossible for the silver investor who invest in or own unlisted silver shares to hire a stock broker.

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