Silver Bullion has been advocating for a while now that paper silver should be avoided like the plaque itself. Those who are in the silver paper market and out of money due to the recent margin calls, due to more increases in margin requirements, only have themselves to blame. This while increased margin requirements do not impact on the intrinsic value of silver, physical silver that is. In fact, it only helps to push the silver price lower, which makes it dirt cheap for silver bulls to acquire or buy physical silver.

It is after all no secret that the paper silver market is completely rigged (silver market manipulation), and only benefits those who have the power to change the rules of the game, whenever it suits them. If you’re not in the inner circle (the inner circle of bastards for that matter), they will rob you blind without blinking an eye in the paper silver market. If you’re extremely lucky or well informed, there are at best paper profits to be made in the paper silver market, paper profits that can vanish with the blink of an eye (they steal from you while you blink your eye). This is why Silver Bullion advocates that paper silver should be avoided like the plague itself and that physical silver, especially in the form of silver bullion coins, should instead be bought or acquired and stored in a safe location. If you have physical silver in hand, you not only make the rules when it comes to your money, because silver is money, but there is very little the bastards can do to steal from you, especially if you refuse to give your consent. The worse thing they can do to you, except outright murder and blatant theft in the traditional sense, is to try and steal your silver through silver confiscation (or other gimmicks of some sort). However, it is easier said than done, because make no mistake about it, those who know the true worth of silver, will not easily part with their silver. They know that honest money is the very foundation of true liberty (at least as far as the monetary goes). In other words, any attempt to steal or confiscate silver will be met by fierce resistance, because if you lose your silver, you risk losing your liberty.

Given the above, people should not be surprised when those who prefer to hold and use honest money, especially in the form of gold and silver coins, one of these days get labelled as “global terrorists” and what have you.

In fact, it can be expected that a real attempt will be made to place the blame of the coming collapse of the current debt or fiat based currency system, and all of its consequences (destruction of life savings, starvation, et cetera), squarely on the shoulders of gold and silver bugs. History tends to repeat itself.

It is after all no secret that the American Congress for one openly declared on January 11, 1776, that: “Resolved, Therefore, that any person who shall hereafter be so lost to all virtue and regard for his country as to refuse to receive said bills in payment, or obstruct and discourage the currency or circulation thereof, and shall duly be convicted by the committee of the city, county or district… where he shall reside, such person shall be deemed, punished, and treated as an enemy of his country, and precluded from all trade or intercourse with the inhabitants of these Colonies” (Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency, Ralph T. Foster, p.113). Yes, it was seen as an act of high treason to embrace and encourage the use of honest money, the very foundation of freedom or true liberty. We can give worse examples here, but the above example shows that high treason was openly advocated! Yes, the relevant fiat paper currency at the time, the Continental note, did serve as “…emergency credit and a medium of exchange”, but at what cost? In fact, the “…Continental had value only as a novelty or relic” and ultimately collapsed, destroying the fruits of labour of a great number of people. In May 1789, Colonist Clement Biddle asked the following of an associate: “Is there any demand for old continental money with you? I have about 30,000 dollars which I would be glad to get 3 dollars [gold or silver] per thousand for” (Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency, Ralph T. Foster, p.118).

Given the above, it should be clear to you that holding physical silver carries a risk, but holding paper silver carries a far greater risk, since you don’t only stand to lose all the purchase value of the paper silver you hold, but everything you own! In addition, why leave this world and your children with fiat currency (non-redeemable paper notes, paper currency, electronic currency) that will soon be worthless, while you can leave this world and your children with honest money? Honest money, especially in the form of gold and silver coins, is an investment from and in heaven. Fiat currency is an investment from and in hell. At the end of the day you will have to choose or reality will choose for you. There will be consequences despite the best of attempts to ignore reality. Period.

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