Investors need to prepare for the inevitable. They need to start accumulating significant quantities of silver as part of their investment portfolios. The looming economic crisis is set to destroy millions of lives, and it is only people who have hedged their bets with silver and gold, who stand any chance of surviving the onslaught.

Make no mistake about it; investors need to prepare themselves for the biggest collapse in history. Banks around the world are going insolvent more frequently than ever. While the governments and central banks have delayed the inevitable by throwing around bailout currency (fiat currency, electronic currency, non-redeemable paper notes, paper currency) to the corrupt elite, this, cannot last forever. The proverbial debt chickens will soon come home to roost. Never before in the history of global finance has the debt situation been this bad or allowed to get to the point where a monetary collapse of the gigantic scale is mathematically impossible to prevent. All they can do is to delay the inevitable for a little longer! Fiat currency supporters and advocates stand to lose the most, especially considering the history of fiat currency and the “paper gimmick.”

The Greek debt crisis for one has placed a tremendous amount of strain on the rest of Europe. As a result of this, several countries on that continent are facing an imminent financial catastrophe. Aside from Europe, many other Western countries are due to face a similar fate. The world faces the challenge of deciding how to bail all of these countries out at the same time. All of this is as a result of trying to create a financial system built on a platform of debt.

The 2008 financial crisis had a terrible effect on the global economy, and we are still recovering from that. Add the current economic situation to this and the results will be horrific. Finance leaders around the globe are very concerned about the situation, and they are quick to voice their feelings on the matter. It is believed that the Euro is soon going to collapse and that the effects of this will be too much for the world to handle. When the Euro crashes, the debt trap is going to worsen and the result will be another recession on the back of the one from 2008, the effects of which the world is still reeling from. This provides a rather bleak outlook for world economics.

Most of the financial commentators are in agreement with what will take place soon. It has become patently clear that it is impossible to sort out a debt crisis by incurring more debt. Unemployment will be worse than it has ever been and that in itself will create another set of problems.

While no one wants to hear this, it is believed that the collapse will be total, and that mankind will have to begin once again from scratch. The monster is after all still fed each and every day, this is causing it to become BIGGER and BIGGER. While most of this is centered on Europe according to the so called ‘experts,’ it will affect the rest of the world in a big way. America for one has failed to recover from the 2008 recession and is not geared to withstand the onslaught of this recession, which is fast turning into a depression. The crash in Europe will only serve to bring about the depression faster, which will ultimately end up in hyperinflation as governments try to print their way out, leading to the collapse of most if not all fiat currencies. This is why it is vital to acquire and store physical silver.

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