Silver, like gold, is a safe haven asset and will always be a safe haven asset despite the best of claims to the contrary. It is of vital importance that investors grasp this all important fact, especially those who cannot afford to buy gold, because like gold, silver can provide real protection against the ongoing and ultimate collapse of the current fiat or debt-based currency system.

It is no secret that a corrupt fiat or debt-based currency system is at the root of problems currently experienced in the world, economically and otherwise. The fiat Ponzi scheme (the “paper gimmick”) is after all for one not designed to reward people for a decent day’s work in an honest and fair manner. It is rather designed to enrich a few, those who are not willing to do a decent day’s work, while enslaving and murdering the rest (to state it mildly). The only reason the world is slipping into more and more pain and misery, is because the majority has for one fallen for the fiat Ponzi scheme or the “paper gimmick” hook, line and sinker. The majority falsely believes that non-redeemable paper notes, electronic currency, fiat currencies, the Devil’s money, toilet paper currency, or whatever you like to call it, is money, while it at best represent a promise to pay, a promise that can easily be broken with devastating consequences. Fiat currency consists of debt-based instruments and only has value if more and more debt can be created out of thin air. In such a system money is equal to the debt, so the more debt you create, the more fiat currency you need to create. Make no mistake about it, the gigantic debt bubble that they created in this way is about to burst and it will have devastating consequences: Starvation, riots, the collapse of governments, wars and more. History has proven this to be the case, so what makes us so special compared to previous generations that we will be spared the consequences of embracing the Devil’s money as if it is God’s gift to earth? Nothing. To claim otherwise is done in absolute arrogance and stupidity. In fact, even to think/believe that the Ponzi scheme starts and ends as far as the currency goes is duped in arrogance and stupidity. Make no mistake about it, world politics, world religion and various other spheres of life are currently based on one gigantic scam.

In addition to the above, history has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that gold and silver offer the best protection when a fiat or debt-based currency system collapses (or fiat currencies for that matter!). Be sure to buy and read Mr. Ralph T. Foster’s: Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency. Mr. Foster provides ample proof that gold and silver count among the best assets to have when a monetary system as mentioned above collapses.

Ok, but let’s forget about Mr. Foster’s book for a second or two, and try to establish based on logic or rational thought why gold and silver offer the best protection at least monetary wise. Well, let’s consider the properties money must have to be classified as good or honest money…

Are we correct in assuming that good or honest money must be a good store of value, must be able to serve as a unit of account and medium of exchange? Absolutely. If not, well, how can it then be classified as good or honest money by any stretch of the imagination? Why would anyone in his right mind want to work or earn money that is not a good store of value, not able to serve as a unit of account and a medium of exchange? Well, let’s consider the properties of good or honest money: Divisible (able to be divided in smaller units), portable (easy to carry around or to transfer from one place to another), homogeneous (one unit is the same as another), durable (not easy to destroy such as the case is with paper money) and valuable (it should have intrinsic value). Now if we are brutally honest with ourselves, we have to admit that both gold and silver, especially in the form of gold and silver coins, have all the properties as mentioned or described above. How is it then possible that someone can have the audacity to say that silver is not a safe haven asset while it has all the properties of good or honest money? Yes, it doesn’t make sense; because either the relevant advocates of such nonsense are duped or they know exactly what is going on and are trying to dupe others into believing that silver is not money or a safe haven asset. Yes, we know about silver’s use as an industrial metal and the rampant and illegal silver market manipulation, but how can even that be used as an excuse to say that silver is not a safe haven asset? It simply doesn’t make sense and is not grounded in reality (and rational thought for that matter!).

In other words, considering the above, Silver Bullion recommends that investors who can afford to acquire or buy both gold and silver, physical gold and silver that is, do so. If not, then it is recommended to buy or acquire physical silver at the least, because make no mistake about it, when the current fiat or debt-based currency system completely collapses, those who don’t own precious metals such as gold and silver will stand to lose the most. If you think we’re way off base here, well, feel free then to continue to embrace debt-based (fiat) assets as if it’s God’s gift to earth (or to shun silver for that matter!), but don’t come running to us when the chickens come home to roost. If you feel offended by this, you will be more offended when the current fiat or debt-based currency system completely collapses and you lose EVERYTHING (including your life savings) and become a full-blown slave or starve to death. Yes, you cannot eat silver and gold just as you cannot eat fiat money, but if and when food becomes available for sale after such collapse, you will at least be able to exchange gold and silver for food (and other goods), while fiat money will be utterly worthless.

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