Is future regulation impeding silver manipulation?

Concern of regulation may impede bank’s from manipulating London’s silver benchmark

  • New regulations in 2018 have spooked bullion banking institutions and silver fix operators
  • Lack of liquidity in silver correct auction has lead to large volatility in the market
  • Silver benchmark has strayed from spot price tag a number of instances given that 2016
  • No new silver benchmark operator lined up to get in excess of in the Autumn
  • No smoke without having fire as actions point to silver value manipulation
  • Silver stays suppressed and at a reduced price tag for investors stocking up

Straightforward economics tells us that markets and costs are driven by demand and supply. However, this is not constantly the case in the silver market place. Nevertheless, the risk of new regulations could be placing a cease to some bullion banking institutions from fiddling the London silver benchmark.

Silver value manipulation is always a thorny concern and one that has been taken on by academicslawsuits, by veteran silver analyst Ted Butler and by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). As we have reported previously, allegations of silver cost manipulation are far past the stage of rumours, in the last couple of many years bullion banking institutions have been named to account for their behaviour. Deutsche bank even agreed to settle out of court and spend $38m, in response to a class-action lawsuit.

But it appears the rising consideration (and cost) of manipulation by silver bullion banks is not the only thing that is placing a cease to a behaviour that has been evident formore than a decade. Reuters reported yesterday that worry of getting accused by regulators of market place manipulation has resulted in participating banking institutions being reluctant to add liquidity for the duration of the everyday auction.

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Published at Sat, 29 Apr 2017 23:58:59 +0000

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