People who have realized that they have insufficient funds for their retirement should be happy and grateful. This means that there is time to do something about this very real challenge that many people approaching retirement are currently facing. Younger folk should pay attention as well as they are in an enviable position whereby they have more time to address the situation and be better prepared financially for their retirement years.

Many people are confused as to how they should invest so that they can live their retirement years comfortably. As there is so much information out there regarding investing, many people are unsure which way to turn. Investors in gold and silver have to understand all the rules regarding moving these investments around as there are penalties due and it also affects investors from a tax perspective. Tax on these movements can be as high as 20% and that is a lot of money to lose due to doing something that is not too clever in the first place. Penalties can amount to 10% and collectively this translates into a significant amount of money that can be lost.

The devaluing dollar is another concern and this is why many investors are diversifying their investments into gold and silver. Many investors have been losing money and this is making them sick with anxiety. Some investors are unsure whether they should invest in one vehicle or spread their investments around.

While this fact might have gone unnoticed by many people, the dollar has lost more than sixty percent of its buying power in the last nine years. Inflation is not a topic that many people can get their heads around and this means that they are not able to understand how inflation affects them negatively.

In the old days, goldsmiths implemented the system as they had created the fractional reserve system. In reality it is a form of theft and people should realize that the government is doing its citizens a disservice. In 1965, the Coinage Act was signed and it superseded the original Coinage Act of 1792. Essentially, it gave the president of the time the capability of interfering with the value of U.S. money and in particular coinage. Back in 1792, this would have been punishable by death.

Back in 1964, minted coins consisted of at least 90 percent silver. Today, you could by a gallon of gasoline with a coin that was minted prior to 1965. Gasoline was more expensive back in 1964 than it is today. Most of the items that we buy today is cheaper than it was before 1964. With all the technology and advancements we have today, we should all be living a better standard of living and yet we are not. This is explains inflation in a nutshell.

This information tells us that investors should diversify and invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. These metals will increase in value while the U.S. Dollar continues to devalue. Silver and gold are not subjected to the elements that devalue the U.S. Dollar.

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