Investors in gold and silver coins should strive to keep up to date with happenings in the industry. Things change so rapidly so it is important to keep in touch with the market. Recently, there have been a number of varieties and errors uncovered with regards to the American five-ounce uncirculated coins.

The U.S Mint has announced alterations to the Direct Ship Program for the 1933 double eagles. These changes will allow U.K coins to be early releases. Additionally, information has been released for the 201 P Grand Canyon 5 ounce silver coins that have not been circulated.

The first error of Yellowstone 5 ounce coins has been certified by NGC. Investors can browse the Mint news blog to get all the information on the changes to the circulating $1 Coin Direct Ship Program. Abuse of the program has been common knowledge for a while, however revived attention from 2 different sources has demanded the call for more intense action.

The ANA summer seminar has highlighted the benefits and the downsides to these issues. CAC (Certified Acceptance Corp) has offered an amount of twenty million dollars for the 10 government owned 1933 Double Eagle coins. Other information that was shared at the seminar includes how coins are manufactured in Britain. Announcements were made regarding the exhibition of archeology and art at the University of Missouri Museum were also made. This is where people can find out about alterations that have been made to ancient coins and more information about counterfeit coins that are on display.

Information is available regarding the article about Heidi Wastweet that was published in The Seattle Times. Wastweet is a member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee as well as being a medal artist and sculptor. Wastweet’s feelings are that America is behind with regards to the design of coins. Her feeling is that this task should be dealt with as a work of art.

Investors will be able to read about Steve Roach’s report on the early releases and the first strike. Other information includes reports on lawsuits, misconceptions and any misstatements that have been made.

News on auctions will include data regarding the 1886 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS56. This coin comes with a gold CAC sticker and rainbow toning. The sticker signifies that the according to the CAC, the coin is under-graded by at least one point. It is interesting to note that the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle graded NGC MS 70 drives a huge premium. Information such as this is important for investors to know as it allows them to understand the value of investment pieces.

Investors will be interested about the 1950-57 collections of proofs in an old Wayte Raymond album. Investors will do well to keep an eye out for future updates so that they know what is being auctioned and what the starting bids are.

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