It is of utmost importance to get it right when it comes to silver storage, because one slip-up could cost you your entire or substantial portions of yousilver holdings. In fact, if your silver is held by another party, the reality is that your silver holdings are 100% at risk, so make the required changes now before it’s too late.

If the MF Global debacle, where silver holders for one have been defrauded out of a massive portion of their physical silver holdings, is not a wakeup call, especially to those who still hold paper silver (electronic silver) or paper that is perceived to be backed by physical silver, then what will serve as a wakeup call? In the case of MF Global, the “…trustee overseeing the liquidation of the failed brokerage has proposed dumping all remaining customer assets—gold, silver, cash, options, futures and commodities—into a single pool that would pay customers only 72% of the value of their holdings. In other words, while traders already may have paid the full price for delivery of specific bars of gold or silver—and hold “warehouse receipts” to prove it—they’ll have to forfeit 28% of the value” (The Silver Rush at MF Global, Yahoo Finance, Erin Arvedlund, 20 December 2011). Furthermore: “Of the 28% haircut, attorney and liquidation trustee James Giddens has frozen all asset classes, meaning that traders have sat helplessly as silver prices have dropped 31% since late August, and gold has fallen 16%. To boot, the traders are still being assessed fees for storage of the commodities” (The Silver Rush at MF Global, Yahoo Finance, Erin Arvedlund, 20 December 2011).

Thus, given the above, it is best to avoid both paper silver and storing one’s silver with another party like the plague itself. In fact, Bix Weir of the Road to Roota Letters is of the opinion that the “…ramifications of the MF Global collapse are intensifying around the world and investors are waking up to the reality that their assets are 100% at risk if held by another party. The entire electronic financial system is imploding as we speak and this includes savings, checking, CD’s, 401k’s, stock portfolios, bond portfolios…you name it. All of them are going up in smoke and if you are still “in the game” you are likely S.O.L. this late in the game. Even if you do get your money out before your bank or broker goes bankrupt the bankruptcy courts can exercise “claw-back provisions” to go after the $ you received 90 days prior” (Missing Silver Bars as MF Global, The Road to Roota Letters, Email Update).

Needless to say, time is of the essence for those of you who still need to make the big switch from paper to physical silver (or who do not own any silver at all)…

The first step would be to get out of paper silver or to buy physical silver as soon as possible. Yes, you can wait for the silver price to increase before getting out of paper silver into physical silver, especially in instances where paper silver is not redeemable in physical silver, but remember, if the paper manipulated silver price moves higher, the price for physical silver would even be higher. Yes, you can try to time the market, but chances that you will be able to do it successfully are very slight, and even if you could, you would have no guarantee that the physical silver market would not decouple from the paper silver market. It can happen at any time and fast. In fact, physical silver in almost all instances cost more than paper silver, because physical silver is for one the real thing and paper silver is a paper claim for physical silver at best. To give you an idea of the kind of risk we’re in reference to, it estimated that at least 100 ounces of paper silver exist for each ounce of physical silver. This is why the true silver investor chooses to reject paper silver and cling to physical silver as if his/her life depends on it. The risks associated with the paper silver market (like with all fiat or debt based assets) are simply too high. This being said, the next logical step would be to find silver bullion dealers that can be trusted. 

Silver Bullion encourages investors to buy physical silver, especially in the form of silver bullion coins, and hold unto it until the existing fiat or debt-based currency system collapses (which is closer than most of us think or will ever admit).

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