Mint State Civil War Tokens

Each token ships with an authentic, Civil War era newspaper!

April 12, 1861 marks one of the most resounding events in American history. Confederate artillery opened fire on the Union-held Fort Sumter, sparking bloody conflict, and brothers fighting brothers for the next four years. The American Civil War had officially begun.

1861-65 Civil War Token NGC MS65 RB

During this fearsome struggle, a plethora of tokens were privately struck and distributed on both sides. Dubbed ”Civil War Tokens,” these pieces were minted primarily to replace the cent, which was scarce during the war. They carried numerous designs, from business advertisements, to patriotic issues commemorating the embattled military forces.

1861-65 Civil War Token NGC MS65 RB Our Army

ModernCoinMart (MCM) was able to source a number of these patriotic Civil War Tokens, graded by NGC as Red or Red Brown in Mint State condition.

MCM will also be sending an authentic newspaper printed during the time of the Civil War with every coin purchased at no extra cost!

These Civil War tokens present a unique opportunity to hold a certifiable piece of history in your hand. Act quickly to secure yours, with an authentic Civil War-era newspaper, today!

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