Full Stack Video Part 1: Silver Bars (1,400 oz)

Well I finally got around to doing a full stack bar video. It was too difficult to include all my rounds and coins, junk silver, etc. on this one, so I’ll do that one in part 2 shortly. I couldn’t remember everyone while doing the video, but wanted to give shout outs to people I have learned from in the community and those who have channels that I enjoy watching, as well as those who have supported my channel. Shout outs to BigstackMcgee, Of The Earth, Iamgogi, Silver Buyer, Silver Orgold, Stack Rex, Salivate Metal, Larry Large Stacks, Silverhustlin13, ThesharpNshiny, Silver Slacker, stillkeepin1, 24k, MrOscar5, SilverOnDuty, silverfishVT, Silverino, 777Demise, CyberCurtain Twitcher, AlmostCirculated, Caveman Silver Stacker, Brian TheLog, LadyLibertyStacker, Jesse Silver, Mancunian Stacker, Silver ByTheOz, Seattle206724, Little Moe Silver, Cull Silver, silverhair stacker, SilverSekeer1, Salboy, todd mitch, McQ 02, Frank P, Scott Segal, Silver Grabber, Sheepdog Silver, Desert Rebel, MrUlfang, EQ Gold, Silver Bear, Dellrugby PM, Silver Siren, geggs1, SilverStackerKid, lanceoa, Part Time Preppers, Cha Ching, josiedog, Gaby Collectibles, MrMnmn911, Staying Aloat, Metal4Detecting, weizenale, and many others. Thanks everyone for making the stacking community great.

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