If there is a book each and every investor, each and every house wife, each and every businessman, and in fact, each and every person on this planet should own and read, then it is the book titled: Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency©.

Silver Bullion recently ordered the above-mentioned book directly from the author Mr. Ralph Foster based in Berkeley, California, in the United States. This is after we could find no copies/manuscripts at formal online book stores such as Amazon and not even at an online marketplace such as eBay. The feeling we got was that either the demand for Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© is tremendous or someone is trying to keep people from owning and reading the book. After searching left and right we stumbled upon Mr. Foster’s contact details and sent him an email requesting order details. He responded in a very timely manner and left one with a strong sense of good old-fashioned service, the kind of service that is pretty hard to find nowadays. The best of all is that the book is/was very reasonably priced at $30.00 per copy, more or less R240, considering that it contains 281+ pages of well researched info pertaining to a highly important subject, namely the history and evolution of fiat paper money. We immediately ordered a copy and were pleasantly surprised by the swift delivery, considering that international delivery normally takes about 3 weeks here in South Africa, whether something is sent with a faster delivery option or not.

We haven’t finished reading Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© yet, due to sheer volume and time constraints, but we deem it of utmost importance that word about this ground-breaking work must get out in a timely manner. From what we’ve read so far, it is clear that the book is not only well researched and written in a very objective manner, but it goes into a lot of detail and contains many interesting illustrations of fiat currencies, present and past. Maybe more importantly, the book accurately portrays the rise and fall of several empires/regimes as a direct/indirect result of accepting fiat paper currencies as money, not even to mention the utter failure of the underlying fiat paper money/currencies.

Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© also contains several interviews with persons who have experienced the Weimar collapse and other currency/regime collapses, brought about by the over issuance of fiat paper money. It is clear from the historic account that bankers and politicians always over issued fiat paper money and that it is/was always part of a Grande scam from the very beginning. It is rooted in evil, pure evil to say the least.

“It was horrible. Horrible! Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. You cannot imagine the rapidity with which the whole thing happened. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money” – Professor Friedrich Kessler (1901-1998), law professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Yes, some committed suicide. They hanged themselves. Not my friends, but friends of my family. They were full of fears then; it all came apart. They couldn’t adjust” – Professor Stefan Riesenfeld (1908-1999), law professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

“I do remember we ate horsemeat; it took me a very long time before I could tolerate it” – Anita Frank (1897-1993), retired nurse.

“How would you feel when your parents’ combined monthly paycheck bought only $2.00 worth of groceries? I’d rather not talk about it” – Ms. Snezana Levic (1976-), pre-medical student, Mills College.

Some notable readers of Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© had the following to say/state in regards to their reading experience…

Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© is one of the most important books of this century” – D.R. Schoon, Economic Analyst.

May Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© pan out for the greater good of human welfare, as this is why Foster’s research is not only valuable but as I said, life-saving” – Jody Mariani, Former  Senior Managing Director, The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc.

To my knowledge, Ralph Foster’s extraordinary volume, Fiat Paper Money is the most comprehensive and informative analysis available on the history of fiat currencies” – John Williams, Economic Consultant; MBA Economics Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, Author Shadow Government Statistics.

[Foster] draws on a wealth of primary and secondary sources, touching upon many diverse cultures, from the Chinese to the European to the American. His professional familiarity with all types of currency and coinage grounds the book, making it refreshingly free of airy theories and complicated jargon, accessible to any intelligent reader. I highly recommend it – Ruth S. Arnon Hanham, Ph.D. History, Harvard 1978.

Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© by Ralph T. Foster is a text that should be studied by all those that claim to be students of markets, history and currency. Mr. Foster proves historically that a currency that continually loses buying power over a contiguous period of years and enters into a period of significant economic dislocation will implode all of a sudden… as in a currency event of hyper-inflation – Jim Sinclair, Commodities Trader.

Fiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© by Ralph T. Foster is a real eye opener! – Jim Gibson, Ph.D. Astrophysics, University of California at Berkeley.

I loved [Foster’s] book on the history of paper money – it should be required reading in every college’s ECON 101 course – Donald E. Smith, Professor of Physics, College of Maryland.

In shortFiat Paper Money – The History and Evolution of Our Currency© by Ralph T. Foster is a must read containing lifesaving advice to say the least, especially considering that the worse of the current global fiat currency crisis is yet to come.

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