Here is a list of the most common millesimal finenesses used for silver:

  • 999.9 (Ultra-fine silver used by Royal Canadian Mint in the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf) or 99.99% pure silver. 
  • 999 (Fine silver used in Good Delivery bullion bars, also known as three nines fine) or 99.9% pure silver. 
  • 980 (common standard used in Mexico ca.1930 – 1945) or 98% pure silver. 
  • 958 (equivalent to Britannia silver) or 95.8% pure silver. 
  • 950 (equivalent to “French 1st Standard”) or 95% pure silver. 
  • 925 (equivalent to sterling silver) or 92.5% pure silver.
  • 900 (equivalent to “coin silver” in the USA, also known as one nine fine) or 90% pure silver. 
  • 870 (could be found in former USSR and in Switzerland) or 87% pure silver. 
  • 833 (common standard used in continental silver especially among the Dutch, Swedish, and Germans) or 83.3% pur silver. 
  • 830 (common standard used in older Scandinavian silver) or 83% pure silver. 
  • 835 (a standard predominantly used in Germany after 1884) or 83.5% pure silver. 
  • 800 (minimum standard for silver in Germany after 1884; Egyptian silver; Canadian silver circulating coinage) or 80% pure silver. 
  • 750 (uncommon silver standard found in older German, Swiss and Austro-Hungarian silver) or 75% pure silver. 

Source: Wikipedia

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