Will it be easy for them to confiscate my silver? Yes and no, depending on the form of silver and the way it is stored. In addition, since silver is unlike gold, an investment and industrial grade metal, it makes it much harder to confiscate than gold.

A government(s) can more easily confiscate paper silver than physical silver since it’s traded via official channels. Physical silver on the other hand can relatively easily be moved from point A to point B if needed, especially in the form of silver coins. This is a great benefit if one quickly needs to move physical silver outside the jurisdiction of a hostile government. Physical silver in the hands of the individual is much safer than physical silver stored in a safety deposit box at a bank or depository. The reason for this is because it’s much easier for a hostile government to confiscate the silver of 5000 or more people pooled together than the silver of 5 million people spread out in 5 million homes, especially when the silver is locked up and stored in hidden places. Be sure to visit the relevant section of our website for more info relating to silver storage.

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