This website was  created with no professional background in investing whatsoever. This means the website was created by persons with little or no exposure to the mind-diluting experiences of so called ‘investment experts’ such as financial planners, economists, bankers, traders and the likes. This website was created by ordinary individuals who cater to COMMON SENSE and INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY. This means for one that the topics or concepts discussed or conveyed within this website are for most part done in a way that even a child can understand.

The idea is not to trick or to convince anyone into parting with their hard-earned currency, but firstly, rather to see a return of the real money which has been stolen through the “paper gimmick,” and secondly, the application of a good dose of old-fashioned COMMON SENSE. American author and humorist, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, or better known by his pen name of Mark Twain, quoted: “The return of my money is more important than the return on my money.” Now chances are that Twain didn’t refer to a return of his money in the form of gold or silver, but nonetheless from our perspective it perfectly sums up the purpose of this website. Silver Bullion wants to see the return of and a return to the use of real money, which consists of gold and silver, something with intrinsic value which meets all the criteria to be classified as money. In fact, we for one intend to show visitors to our website the best and most cost-effective ways, in our experience, to exchange non-redeemable paper notes (fiat currency) or non-negotiable debt instruments for real money consisting of gold and silver, especially from a South African perspective.

History has proven that all fiat currencies, currencies not consisting of or backed by anything of intrinsic value such as gold and silver, ultimately fail. Despite what the politicians, bankers and their allies have to say about it, the writing is once again on the wall and had been on the wall for a long time now: The U.S. Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), South African Rand (ZAR), Australian Dollar (AUD) and many other modern day fiat currencies are fast approaching the point of no return and will become obsolete, if not within this decade, surely within two decades or so! We have to be brutally honest, it’s absolute madness to give the relevant currencies anything close to two decades in terms of future survival, especially considering massive “quantitative easing” (QE) in the United States, which is nothing short of money printing and the creation of hyperinflation that will surely destroy the USD and many other currencies.

In fact, fiat money, paper money, electronic money, paper currency or toilet paper currency has a history which is earmarked by failure upon failure and this time around it will not be different. Millions upon millions of people tasted the dire consequences of fiat currency failures in the past! A large number of people lost the bulk of the monetary wealth they had built up over the years. In fact, many people and their families had either starved to death or were forced to live like pigs! Those who were wise enough to invest in or to own physical silver and gold before disaster struck had less difficulty providing for their families. Silver and gold will not necessarily provide a ‘golden ticket’ out of hardship, but it will for one definitely make it easier to acquire goods and services if and when available.

We want to challenge you to look at the info presented on this website and decide for yourself who is lying and deceiving you: US, the creators of this website, or THEM (the politicians, bankers and their allies). You’ve got to make your mind up. It’s important to get it right since it can at the end of the day determine whether you and your family survive or go without food. You’ve got to ask yourself the following: Do you think the majority of politicians, bankers and their allies care about anyone or anything beside themselves? Do you think that when the fiat currencies collapse they are going to come to the rescue of you and your family? If yes, then this website is not for you. If no, then you may want to continue to browse through this website and arm yourself with the knowledge required to increase your chances of survival (at least as far as money matters are of a concern).

The idea is not to scare anyone into a state of despair or to announce a state of emergency, hell no! It’s rather to enable you to face whatever reality will throw at you in terms of money matters more confidently. It’s about the acceptance of facts and doing away with fables.

Silver Bullion is of the opinion that even in a worst case scenario where silver is never used as money again, you can still expect to see a healthy return on your silver investment (or physical silver holdings). The simply reason for this is the fact that silver has many industrial uses. If you for one consider the robust industrial demand for silver and relative low level of supply, it becomes clear that the supply of physical silver is currently struggling at best to keep up with industrial demand. This is expected to place upward pressure on the silver price (spot price of silver), especially over the long term. This is despite ongoing silver market manipulation, where paper silver is illegally dumped onto the market to suppress any rise in the silver price (spot price of silver). Needless to say, the successful silver investor uses this to his/her advantage and buy silver at ridiculous low price levels, while what we believe to be an opportunity of a life time exists. The reason being is because it doesn’t require a university degree or anything down those lines to realise the following: Firstly, pardon our French, but there is no way in hell anyone or anything can literally turn paper silver into physical silversecondly, only physical silver can be used in industrial applications, and thirdly, should the supply of physical silver continue to drag behind the robust demand for physical silver, especially coming from industry, it must eventually lead to a higher silver price (spot price of silver). It’s just a matter of time before silver breaks out and reaches insane price levels after years of silver market manipulation!

Now with the above in mind, it should be clear to even a child that although we are not investment professionals, experts or anything down those lines, we allow our God given common sense to work for us. In fact, we give a rat’s ass about political or religious correctness which are only designed to steal away peoples’ freedom. Yes, believe it or not, they are using your very own mind to imprison you. If you are offended by this or your job depends on not understanding it, then hyperinflation, severe food shortages, fiat currency failures, political unrest, etc. will surely force you at some stage or another to accept the true worth of silver for one. However, when we get to that stage it will be too late to make an effort to invest in or to acquire physical silverSilver will be too expensive for most people to acquire and sellers will most definitely not accept payment in the form of non-redeemable paper notes or fiat currency!

Needless to say, you have the option to never visit our website again and think of us as a bunch of lunatics, but of course we hope you choose to stay with us, realise silver’s true worth before it’s too late and pro-actively take steps to protect yourself and your family against the inevitable collapse of the existing debt-based currency system not many months and years from now.

Please note:  None of the info contained in this website should be construed or interpreted as investment advice or as an attempt to allure anyone to purchase the products or to subscribe to the services mentioned. Any recommendation given within this website are based on personal experience and is not necessarily suitable for all, especially considering different circumstances, different levels of income and more.

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