Coins of Indo-Scythian King Azes

These ancient coins may have been carried by one of the biblical Wise Men of the East!

The “Wise Men of the East,” described in the Bible, were guided by the Star of Bethlehem to find the baby, Jesus. Christian tradition speaks of “three Wise Men” named Balthazar, Melchior, and Caspar. Many believe Caspar to have been a representative sent by the ”Great King Azes” of the ancient Indo-Scythian Kingdom. His travels and gifts to Jesus would have been financed by these Silver Drachms issued by the King, which were in wide circulation during the time of Jesus’ birth.

Indo-Scythians Silver Drachm of Azes I/II – 35-12 BC NGC XF (Story Vault) – Obverse

These Silver Drachms bear designs showing King Azes on horseback and a standing figure of Zeus. Very Greek designs, they were inspired by the culture spread by Alexander the Great during his rule. The obverse legends are written in Greek and the reverse in Indian script, showing these as some of the earliest bilingual coins ever issued.

Indo-Scythians Silver Drachm of Azes I/II – 35-12 BC NGC XF (Story Vault) – Reverse

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