Silver investors should take extreme care to avoid buying fake silver, especially in the form of silver coins. Word is out that Chinese counterfeiters are flooding the markets with counterfeits that can be difficult to spot.

It makes sense that the counterfeiting of precious metals (gold, platinum, silver) are on the increase, because the demand for precious metals are on the increase as an increasing number of investors are rushing to protect their monetary worth. It is after all no secret that fiat currencies (non-redeemable paper notes, paper money, electronic money, toilet paper money, fiat paper money) are fast losing its purchase value. Shocking as it might be to some, the U.S. Dollar for one, which is also a fiat currency, has about 5% of its original purchase value left. Make no mistake about it, central banks and their political allies are creating mountains of debt that cannot be paid back without destroying the underlying fiat currencies. Anyone who can appreciate a truthful take on history must admit that fiat currencies don’t last long. History has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that fiat Ponzi schemes (the “paper gimmick”), like all scams, come to an end sooner or later, always ending in a great deal of pain, especially to those who unashamedly shuns honest money (gold and silver) while embracing the Devil’s money as if it is God’s gift to earth. Despite all the warnings, the majority of people always have an excuse not to do the right thing. Needless to say, they are going to pay a very high price for their blatant stupidity. A time will come when intellectual honesty and honest money will reign supreme once again, when there will be little if any room for ignorant fools and the evil scams they help to create and maintain.

Back to the Chinese counterfeiters… one counterfeiter is openly bragging about counterfeiting as much as a 100 000 U.S. silver dollars per annum. In fact, some of the counterfeits coming out of China are of such high quality that even experts find it difficult to discern between fakes and the real deal. This makes it of critical importance, not only to find and deal with trusted silver bullion dealers, but to arm yourself with the knowledge required to at least attempt to spot counterfeit silver coins. If not, you must be prepared to take a great deal of pain somewhere down the road.

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