Major central banks have recently stepped in and announced plans to collectively give the global economy a boost, but in reality they are once more bailing out their banker friends at a huge cost to taxpayers and consumers worldwide.

The international bankers and their political allies never fail to amaze when it comes to the extent they will go to pretend to be our saviours  while in reality stabbing us in our backs. What is even more amazing, no rather downright frustrating, is how the majority of people fall for their shenanigans hook, line and sinker, time and time again. This time around they pretend that their latest actions are to “ease strains in financial markets and thereby mitigate the effects of such strains on the supply of credit to households and businesses and so help foster economic activity.” Bull dust, it is to bailout or prop up failing banks in Europe and the U.S. at a huge expense to the rest of us. They have lowered U.S. Dollar swap rates by no less than 50 basis points and are undertaking “…liquidity swaps of dollars for foreign currencies” (Ron Paul statement on the Fed’s continued Euro Bailout, Daily Paul, Ron Paul, 30 November 2011). In essence it means that they’re flooding the world with U.S. Dollars (or fiat currency for that matter) which is going to lead to massive worldwide inflation, especially considering that in addition the U.S. Dollar is still seen by many as the de facto world reserve currency. This is despite the fact that the U.S. Dollar is depreciating at an alarming rate and that they are in fact doing their best to destroy the remaining 5% or less of its original purchase value. This is pure madness and makes it absolutely essential to preserve your wealth or else stand to lose everything you’ve worked for over the span of your life so far. We’re not kidding here; this is very-very serious stuff.

The above-mentioned actions of the international bankers are evident of the extent to which the global fiat or debt-based currency system has deteriorated, where they are now openly and unashamedly stealing wealth from each and every one of us who holds fiat currency at a highly accelerated rate. They are transferring the remaining purchase value of the fiat currencies we hold to their banker buddies (and other evil overlords), because the more fiat currency that gets created and transferred to failing banks and what have you, the more you’re going to pay for products and services until hyperinflation destroys the remaining purchase value of the fiat currency (non-redeemable paper notes, electronic currency, the Devil’s money, toilet paper currency) you hold. Among the best ways to counter this is to acquire or buy physical silver and gold, especially in the form of silver and gold coins. The current monetary system is not going to last for much longer. They have no way in hell to cover their debt obligations without creating more and more fiat currency.

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