About twelve months ago silver started to take its rightful place as money in the world. At that time, silver was trading at around $17.76 per ounce following an extended period of consolidation that dates back to March 2008. In the last twelve months silver has realized a 178 percent increase in value and it is still worth 104 percent more in spite of the massive paper onslaught (silver market manipulation).

February this year, silver was trading at $32 per ounce. Investors were urged to buy silver at that time and now they are urged even more to buy as much of this precious metal as they can. Investors who do not take heed of this advice are going to miss out as there is going to be a shift in the silver price that many investors will be unable to afford.

It is evident that by the end of September there will be huge shift in silver that will continue until February next year. Some quarters believe that silver could reach highs as high as $100 per ounce in the early part of 2012. That said, it is possible that silver market manipulation will prevent silver reaching the $100 mark. The U.S. treasury department will not want to see silver reaching the $100 mark as gold and silver are in direct competition with the U.S. Dollar. This is where fraud in the form of silver market manipulation comes in as silver and gold prices are suppressed to give investors a false impression of its true worth.

It is believed that for every one ounce of silver traded, there is between 50-100 times the equivalent amount of paper silver traded. Paper schemes are utilized to keep the price of precious metals down. While these strategies are working currently, there will come a time when the paper is unable to deliver on its promise.

Investors should know that the silver Bull Run is going to coincide with the U.S. Dollar collapse and a collapse of the world markets. Investors must make sure that they actually hold silver and gold otherwise they are going to be in for a rude shock thinking that they own silver and gold when actually they do not. Investors are going to have to be ready to move quickly or they will lose out. Even when high profile people leave large corporations it has an effect on the paper asset market. So even if company shares increase at this time, mostly as a result of fiat currency weakness, it must be noted that whatever goes up, must come down. At some point shares in companies will drop and people will lose money. At this point paper currency (fiat currency) will have lost much of its value and that is why investors need to look towards other investment vehicles such as silver and gold for example.

Pundits believe that now is a very precarious time economically speaking. The collapse of the U.S. Dollar is going to be one of the most significant events in the history of mankind. Make no mistake about it, when the U.S. Dollar and other fiat currencies completely crash, those who have only fiat currencies (non-redeemable paper notes) to fall back on will be sitting ducks and will only have themselves to blame. Please act before it’s too late. The clock is ticking…

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