Will the day ever come that people will buy a loaf of bread with a piece of silver that is not U.S. Dollar based? With the collapse of the U.S. Dollar imminent, there are many quarters that are working hard to make this a reality. Trading in this way is not a new concept as it was the method of trading for over 6000 years.

Modern times have seen the use of paper currency as a form of trading; however it is clear that a fiat or debt-based economic system (the “paper gimmick”) is unsustainable. Even so, some people have been trading in precious metals for various goods. Certainly, by the year 2000, there was a concerted effort to use silver and gold as money again.  This time around it is no different, especially considering that fiat currencies are once again heading for complete collapse. As the collapse of the U.S. Dollar accelerates, hyperinflation will become the order of the day. This is when inflation escalates at abnormal rates and is measured daily rather than monthly. It is at this point that the currency loses much of its value mainly due to what is termed “Quantitative Easing (QE)” today. Germany suffered this fate directly after WW1 when their currency crashed terribly. Riots and looting become the order of the day as there is not enough money of worth to buy daily essentials. Citizens will vandalize shops and steal what they can in order to survive. This only leads to anarchy and many people suffer as a result of this. Just imagine your life savings being wiped out overnight and that you’re not able to even obtain the basic necessities of life. This will be the reality for most people who currently refuse to see gold and silver for what it is, but they will only have themselves to blame when the ultimate fiat currency collapse comes. Please don’t make that mistake, contact us in order to acquire or buy physical silver and gold today, before it’s too late. The window of opportunity is not going to stay open for much longer.

One way to effectively deal with an economic crisis of this magnitude is to develop a bartering system. This is where people trade goods of value with each other. An example of this would be a plumber trading his services for food. He could fix the green grocers plumbing for an amount of food that is equivalent to the work that he has performed. In this way, both parties receive goods or services of value and no money has exchanged hands. This would go a long way to combating inflation and hyperinflation as the need for extra money to be printed would be reduced significantly.

Bartering can be taken a step further by forming a bartering community. People could band together in groups and offer their services to the group in exchange for other services and products. It can be done in a way that no matter what service or product that you offer, you will be able to receive any of the products or services that are offered within the group. Someone will have to administer the project, however it will be very helpful to people who are able to provide such services and products.

Bartering is not for everyone as not everyone is able to provide services or products of value. The question then begs how could these people effectively trade? The answer is by getting back to basics and using silver as a currency. Long ago, silver and gold were acceptable means of tender and now more than ever this makes good sense. Investors will now see the fruits of their labor and be able to withstand the onslaught of the effects of hyperinflation and the crashing U.S. Dollar.

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